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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MikeyVC97</b></div><div>Ok I understand why this "team" was moved to "thread" because I did not make any trades. But my previous team did have trades and it was completely deleted not even moved to "thread/message" board. I just want to make sure I don't break any unwritten rules because I don't see where I have broken any of the written rules.

What is allowed? What is NOT allowed when posting a fantasy AGM team?

I will not claim any conspiracy I just want to make sure I am not breaking rules going forward.</div></div>

The reason why I've left the fourth iteration of your Toews-will-retire AGMs up is because you explicitly refer to the Kane trade and make the AGM about the Kane trade.

I didn't remove the other three, and only saw the first, but I did recognize that you traded everything but the kitchen sink in that AGM. We see so many troll AGMs where someone just demolishes the team without context or fair values, and those teams devolve quickly into flame wars and troll replies. I think it's possible that your original was either deleted because it came off as one of these less-serious AGM teams or was moved, and the moderator in question saw the second and third attempts as you not understanding what took place and deleted them.

In general, speculation is fine unless it's like way out of left field and could lead to a very decisive conversation. Threads get deleted and warnings tend to be applied because those threads breed the kind of deconstructive discourse that we don't permit at CapFriendly.

Hope this helps!
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