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Thread: Jets2122
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tsyls</b></div><div>Either I was just really drunk last night or I’m the only one who thinks Dubois is actually playing well. Yes he took a dumb penalty, but he’s been playing fairly well early. Especially when you compare to last year, he’s using his speed and size a lot more and has been solid defensively. He’s perfect to play with Ehlers, as they seem to have some chemistry growing.

I think Ehlers and scheifele are the obvious play drivers, which means they have to be split up which imo is okay. I’d just run the top 6 with 2 pairs and 2 young wingers. Dubois and Ehlers as a pair, and scheifele and Connor as a pair. Slot vesalainen with 55 and 81, and play Perfetti with 27 and 80. I think that too 6 is perfect, as vesalainen needs to be put in a position to succeed and score. Perfetti imo has earned a permanent spot, and you might as well give him every opportunity to succeed.

Maurice is going to cost the jets a lot this year with how much loyalty he has for certain players. Wheeler needs to be sheltered, he can play the perfect style of game with Copp and Lowry as his scoring seems to have disappeared.

I don’t mind the D pairings we’ve seen, but I’m not against giving pionk a game with Morrissey.</div></div>

I didn't watch the Sharks game but in the pre-season and against the Ducks I think PLD has played alright, not blowing anyone away by any stretch but looks better so far, haven’t really seen any growing chemistry between him and Ehlers though, still a work in progress from my view.

Very much agree about Maurice's loyalty/nepotism will likely cost them games, it's been happening for years and I think it's cost them some players as well unfortunately.

Not sure I really see Wheeler as a match with Copp and Lowry though, I know the stonehands brothers hooked up for a shorty against SJ but I'm still in the belief that if they're committed to Lowry at 3C then they need to give him wingers that can help get some production out of that line, it needs to do more then shutdown/waste time and I'm not sure that trio would get many goals and I'm not sure of Stastny was in Copp's spot if it'd be any better. Maybe Harkins or Svech would be better there.

I'm really not sure why Copp is still here, should've been traded in the offseason imo.

Am I the only one who thinks the Jets have a lot of forwards that are kind of difficult to find the right fit in the lineup, like where do Wheeler and Stastny really fit? I do question where Copp really fits in this lineup and don't see him as a top sixer and my thoughts on the stonehands brothers are well known. Where do Vesa, Hark, Svech fit cause putting any two of them with Nash doesn't seem like a good fit to me. Perfetti looks good but is small and he might benefit from some AHL seasoning AND do we not want him to develop as a center rather then a winger, can't see him getting many reps down the middle of he stays with the Jets.

I really thought a legit top six winger needed to be added in the offseason and still see one as a need, thought Chevy should'vemade the Buchnevich trade.

Anyway, we'll see what happens, am hearing Wheeler is in Covid protocol so will be interesting to see how that effects the lineup should he miss some games.
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Thread: Jets2122
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