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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gmurrayt</b></div><div>Agree with Habs. All you are really doing is move a bad contract with 3 years left on it for an even worse contract with 4 years left. You seriously risk being able to sign all Montreal's RFA's next year and even worse situation with all the UFA's the year after. All for a player you bury, one you scratch, and a player who might (big might) become a half decent player in Puli. And if he plays well then he will expect more money on his next contract, in the year you will already struggle to pay all the other UFA's. Nothing about this deal makes any sense at all.</div></div>

Just playing around ... I considered including Edmonton's 2021 first instead of their second, switched at last moment, now changed it back, which might make more sense for the Habs. It may make no sense for either team, but assuming the cap goes up even gradually up to say 83.5 million next season, and with multiple buried/retained money coming off the books (Weise, Manning, Mason, and probably Folin, Thompson and Kinkaid) thats about 10 million to give Domi a raise of 5 million along with manageable deals for Juulsen and Mete, and by then most likely any or all of Poehling, Brook and Suzuki would make their way into the lineup and push out a contracts like Tatar/Petry/Lehkonen who could be dealt to create more cap space. The Danault/Gallagher contracts in 2 seasons will be another story but a lot can change in a couple seasons. If Poolparty emerges as a star and demands a earns a giant raise and the cost to acquire him was swapping some bad contracts, thats advantage Habs already. on the other hand, I could be wrong, maybe the cap doesn't go up or everything gets messed up in a new CBA etc.