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GM Game Alumni of V1, V2, and V3. Proud Canucks fan. Worships the holy name of Elias Pettersson. Follow me on Twitter @MrBooth_7
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drewjenks</b></div><div><strong>"Carcone was a good AHL player but had no NHL potential and took up space from Utica Comets rookies".</strong>

Please explain how you <strong>know</strong> that a 22 year old with 17 points in 20 AHL games has <strong>no NHL potential ?</strong>

Especially since he has drastically out-played: <strong>Jonah Gadjovich, Kole Lind, Brendan Gaunce, Jonathan Dahlén and Petrus Palmu</strong> this year...</div></div>


First of all, Dahlen has been immense for Utica and in no ways has been outplayed by someone who’s been in the AHL for quite a few years.

It is also unfair to state the claim that Carcone outplays the rookies. They’re rookies for a reason. Michael Carcone is 22 years old and has several years of professional experience over these guys, so it’s quite obvious he gets more playing time and produces more.

As for his potential, perhaps a more articulate way to say what I meant was he had no future in Vancouver. Horvat, Boeser, Pettersson, Goldobin, Baertschi, Gaudette, Virtanen are 7 building blocks of the future currently on the roster. Eriksson, Beagle, Sutter, Roussel are veterans locked up on multi-year contracts. Dahlen is a lock to be with the team soon, and then many other prospects have a lot of NHL potential including Kole Lind, Jonah Gadjovich, Petrus Palmu, Lukas Jasek, etcetera. Please tell me where Carcone fits in here?

PS: Brendan Gaunce is worth absolutely nothing, not sure why he’s even mentioned
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Forum: GM Game 2018-19Nov 16, 2018 at 7:57
I’d like to announce that I will be resigning from my position as GM of the Detroit Red Wings effective immediately.

A lot of thinking went into this, but I’ve decided that it’s for the better of my own sake if I leave the game. For the most part, v3 has been a fun ride. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of taking on a team like Detroit and making it somewhat formidable (at least, in my opinion).

As for the reason as to why I’m leaving, I’ll be frank. This game started off as a lot of fun and I definitely had fun trying to make Detroit a contender, but as of late that sense of enjoyment has almost disappeared. I no longer feel a part of the game, nor do I think that I’m necessarily wanted in this game. Whenever a new GM arrives, I’m the only one framed for being out there to fleece them. Whenever I’m mentioned, it’s nothing that’s positive of any sorts. I understand that I’m not perfect and have never been considering my history - however at the end of the day, no one is. Every single GM inquires on assets from new teams because they want to know if there’s a change in direction with the previous management group. Does that make me the one to warn others about? Most GMs have ludicrous offers especially to start off negotiations. I’ve done that a couple times as well. That doesn’t mean that I’m trying to fleece the league. The theory that I sweetheart talk every GM is nothing but the fabrication of the truth. I will also say this: at least I have a clue as to what I’m doing with my team; at least I don’t be the game’s recognized troll; at least I have the piece of integrity to not back out on deals multiple times; at least I don’t create other accounts to send harassing messages to other users, and at least I try, for the most part, to not be a pain to deal with in negotiations. Like it or not, those are some of the things that have been frustrating to me, and has led to my wanting out of the game - as simple as that.

Saying all that negative mumbo jumbo, thanks to <a href="/users/Zach" target="_blank">@Zach</a> for keeping my sanity in tact during certain times. Of all the people in this game, I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know you and I’m glad we interacted here. You never got to finish swapping rosters with Winnipeg, but you were a quality GM and still are a great friend.

<a href="/users/Turner33" target="_blank">@Turner33</a>, supplier of dad jokes and complimentary humour at all times; and <a href="/users/matt59" target="_blank">@matt59</a> my favourite Asian golfer; thank you guys for being around and defending this idiot at certain times in the past. Turner, you’ve definitely provided light in the tunnel when needed, and Matt is probably the nicest and most composed guy you’ll meet on the forums.

I’d like to thank <a href="/users/rangersandislesfan" target="_blank">@rangersandislesfan</a> for creating this mess. I’ve insulted you a lot through the first two versions of the game and it’s something I regret, but we’ve both changed since then and I’m glad you wasted so much time in my life [insert sarcastic eye roll here]

Shoutout to <a href="/users/TabooPenguo" target="_blank">@TabooPenguo</a> for bringing me back in v2 as his AGM; once again, the challenge of the Islanders was a fun one and I enjoyed working with you.

Big props to my other AGMs, <a href="/users/HotsamBatcho" target="_blank">@HotsamBatcho</a> and <a href="/users/wojme" target="_blank">@wojme</a>. You guys rock and I’ve really enjoyed working with you.

<a href="/users/Bo53Horvat" target="_blank">@Bo53Horvat</a>, <a href="/users/TonyStrecher" target="_blank">@TonyStrecher</a>, <a href="/users/Daryl" target="_blank">@Daryl</a>, <a href="/users/jmac490" target="_blank">@jmac490</a>, <a href="/users/NateElder12" target="_blank">@NateElder12</a>, <a href="/users/A_K" target="_blank">@A_K</a>, <a href="/users/BoltsPoint21" target="_blank">@BoltsPoint21</a>, <a href="/users/krakowitz" target="_blank">@krakowitz</a>, <a href="/users/phillyjabroni" target="_blank">@phillyjabroni</a>, @GronkNation and <a href="/users/alwaysnextyear" target="_blank">@alwaysnextyear</a>, you guys have also made the game fun for the most part. There may have been some times where animosity was definitely existent, but thank you guys for contributing to making this game into what it is. I don’t think it’ll be possible to forget about how much time I wasted with all of you!

If I didn’t mention you, it’s either because

1. I couldn’t tag the entire league as much as I would’ve liked to
2. I didn’t get to know/interact with you as much
3. You’re part of the reason I wish to have nothing to do with the game anymore

I’d also like to thank (or not) the mods for not IP banning me when they should’ve, and for continuing to make CapFriendly a great hockey resource.

I’ve decided that my own real life is more important than a game of which means absolutely nothing to anyone else. It’s not worth wasting my time on and I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore.

I would be glad to help whoever the new GM is during their transition period and answer any question they may have.

I’ll still be around on Twitter (and maybe once in a while on that Discord voice chat, if it’s still a thing) and keeping in touch with some of you, but consider this my final goodbye from the GM Game.

Last word: just because I’m leaving doesn’t mean the bet is off. I fully expect Dylan to wire me 50 dollars at the end of the season when Virtanen finishes the season outscoring Puljujarvi.