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I appreciate all the constructive criticism and the non constructive hammering. LOL. Okay so all of you think the Leafs need to add more to any of the deals proposed. I am okay with that , add away. The reason I suggested trading for Parayko is he is longer term and affordable which is supposedly the only kind of deal Dubas wa. Blues are a good team but are rumoured to be needing more help up front, and there are rumours of teams aggressively pursuing Tarasenko, who is not having his best season. Even if VT stays, they still supposedly need more offence from what I read.

As for Brown for Simmonds...Brown is a good player but not irreplaceable on PK, and he is not scoring, and while better than many Leafs is not their "heaviest" player. And 2.2 million is too much to pay a 4th line right winger when Hyman returns to lineup. Leafs will not have the $$ for him when Marner and Matthews are signed so he will likely be traded one way or another. So maybe they have to sweeten the deal, but I think Simmonds would waive any NTC to come home to Toronto and potentially have a chance at a cup. Flyers could re sign him July 1 if they want, because Leafs wont be able to afford it. Brown is an asset yes. He is the best roster player asset they can afford or might be willing to give up for a rental player.

So Kronwall hates Babcock. Some say all the Red Wings hated Babcock. So they were happy to see him walk. How did that work out? Newsflash. Most players hate Babcock. Most players will trade that off if it means potentially winning a Stanley Cup. Part of why Marleau came here, Tavares... I think Kronwall is tough enough to stick out half a season or more to at least finish his career in the playoffs. He could do the ceremonial re sign on July 1 and retire as a Red Wing.

And finally..Nylander? Unless he makes a hige turnaroud you can have him. Kapanen has out performed him, so much so that the Leafs will have to trade him because they will not be able to afford him after this season.

Have a great weekend all!