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Jul 17, 2020
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Great post, one of the best Sabre teams I have seen EVER.

<strong>The trades:</strong>
Thompson and Bean have about the same prospect rating <a href="https://dobberprospects.com/team/buffalo-sabres/" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">https://dobberprospects.com/team/buffalo-sabres/</a> and you are adding.
IMO, Pittsburgh would be thrilled to get this much for Murray. GK rarely bring much. Look what Lehner returned twice this year, Martins Dzierkals and a fifth.
I am not sure if Hutton has any value now. If we got Murray, I think Ullmark would get more. Or you could send Hutton to Rochester and see if he clears waivers, then we have insurance.
TBH, we may need to add to the Seguin trade, but it is close. 8th over all, a still decent prospect taken 8th OA and a second, IMO 2020 would seal the deal.
IMO that is the value of Montour. I am sure you have seen me say this, but he had the best 5 on 5 SV%, and +/-; only Scandella had a better PDO; and only Ristolainen had a higher TOI than he.
It is not his fault that Krueger does not know how to use players.

<strong>The line up:</strong>
Seguin is a right handed center and won 58.2% of his face offs, move him to the second line and Staal to the third.
Take the right handed Cozens and move him to the top six RW. Playing the wing with Eichel, Olofsson, Seguin, Skinner will give him a chance to "ease" into the NHL.
These are just my suggestions, this is your post.
I love it, you built a contender my friend.

<strong>The future</strong>
I am going to steal some of your trades and add a trade with Vancouver to get Virtanen and Beagle.
I think they would do it for Miller or Montour.
Beagle won 59.1% of his face offs, he KP's and had only 14.1% OZ starts. The lowest in the NHL last year.
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