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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>kster34</b></div><div>So Detroit’s been a better team than the Leafs these past 5 years :tearsofjoy ?! Give your head a shake. Yes, we haven’t gotten out of the first round but we have made the playoffs 6 years in the row while the winghers…did not. Imo, nothing matters if you don’t win the cup so 31 “ losers” every year but I’d still rather be a leaf fan than a winghers fan. And we’ll still finish ahead of you this year. For the record, I also thought the trade was garbage - mainly b/c Marner is too good to be traded for that return given our window but I also see why wingher fans wouldn’t want to trade their rookie of the year dman.</div></div>

It’s almost like rebuilds exist and have to happen when you go to the playoffs for 25 years straight. Look at the penguins - they’re basically us just 10 years younger. Soon they will suffer the same fate until inevitably holland hands them a generational player.

Take it from someone who knows - just making the playoffs doesn’t mean anything. Having a good team in the regular season also doesn’t mean anything. Playoff streaks don’t matter without cups.

The salary cap era necessitates tear down rebuilds. Toronto literally ranked as hard as they possibly could for Mitch marner and Matthews. It’s the way the league works. Keep throwing shade cause we’re coming back to being the team everyone loves to hate for our success and it will be sooner then you think - though not this year unless something funky happens with 2 of Boston/isles/caps/pens.

Only entering year 4 of the Yzerman era rebuild, and the sun is shining in Detroit.
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