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Thread: New Jersey
I like the EDM / NJD trade....although would probably make a couple of tweaks.

1. Miles Wood may be a great for for Edmonton. He is very physical, very fast, can play role of instigator, play hard minutes along the wall, etc. His weakness is his puck-handling on transition. He is usually fine along the left wing, but anywhere in the middle or on right side, he just doesn't have the stick skills to continue the play. He would benefit by staying on LW and having a strong puck-posessing center to work with. A Wood, RNH, Yamamoto line could be an interesting one.

2. It sounds more and more likely the Devils are now considering keeping and resigning Vatanen. If he is dealt, I do think there will be conditional compensation (ie, pick) if he is resigned. My guess is that NJD would at least like the opportunity to resign him next off-season.

3. I understand the choices of Gagner and Russell are, in part, salary related. But I could see NJD retaining half of Vatanen's salary (saving $2.4 million). And NJD asking for a prospect in return (not Bouchard, Broberg, etc...but someone who may help their depth issues in a few years)

I would therefore:
a. Add the salary retention
b. Add a conditional pick (if Vatanen resigns)
c. Replace Gagner/Russell with one salary move and one B-level prospect

So ultimately looks something like:

NJD --> EDM:
Sami Vatanen
Miles Wood
$2.4 million in 2019-20 salary retention

EDM --> NJD:
Sam Gagner
Skyler Brind'amour (rights) (or Matej Blumel)
Jesse Puljujarvi (rights)
2020 1st rounder
Conditional 2021 3rd round pick (if Vatanen resigns)
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