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Forum: GM Game 2019-20Dec. 1, 2022 at 8:01 p.m.
Thread: General Chat
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hanson493</b></div><div>Youre missing all ahl signings, any drafted prospects that signed elcs (marco kasper), youre close but you dont even have the right cap amount cuz of balcers. youve had 3 weeks dude. Not a day not 2 days 3 whole weeks. Anybody that isnt friends with the bog gets terminated the minute 12 oclock strikes.

I want to be part of the game when its RUN CORRECTLY AND THERES NO BLATANT FRIENDSHIP FAVORITISM THAT RUINS IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE. You cant operate a game for 32 and then the rules are different for 12/32 gms... Theres 32 gm spots. I dont carry dictator vibes im citing the rules as written. I didnt write any of them, im abiding by them. Why is it so hard and annoying to ask that the 32 gms follow the same set of rules as written. 2/6 bog members have me blocked on twitter. Ive been called a child/loser/harassed constantly personally by multiple members both here and in dms. For simply calling out the group and youre included in that group for targeted bullying, harassment, basically running a boys club, and not following the rules. I didnt ask bog to set a time frame on your page, im just wondering why and how youre a gm based on the rules and their own guidelines the page needed to be accurate.

Youre literally sitting here calling me a loser, telling me to get a life all because you cant simply recreate a page using the forums. The information is pretty easily attainable in the forums. There werent THAT many moves made between jons page and when i left. Stop complaining and do your job as a gm, youre the one who took the job... Theres 2 open gm spots right now if i wanted to come back in that capacity dont you think ide ask?

I asked on columbus opening to prove you would hire literally anyone else over me, dev, and joseph and shocker you hired someones friend who wasnt really a cf user (he had less than 5 posts on the site). I asked on bog to prove you wanted a boys club with tony on bog over an unbiased non team run individual and shocker results werent posted here and even so the group wanted their buddy in power again shocker.

I dont need to be apart of what you have going on. I talk hockey with a few gms, i give my opinion when asked and thats all i want out of gm game going forward. I dont want to go back into a general chat where people get attacked for literally zero reason daily. Its such a hostile environment. And again im not the only one thats tired of the same 10 people controlling the game. I know im the only one being vocal about it here... But im not the only one thats tired of the constant BS that comes from the GC. Literally a daily occurence of bullying exists in that chat, joking or not.</div></div>


You didn't win the BOG vote, nor did you receive a single vote. So I guess that can solve one issue. Attached is the chart I have from google drive of the results. Vote was this:

8- gronk
2- cam
1- dangles