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Jun 21, 2018
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Forum: Armchair-GMMar 9 at 3:54
Thread: Success
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>kedogs00</b></div><div>Buf declines. Some how you made an Eichel trade without adding your 1st Laf, 2nd Kakko, 3rd Miller, or 4th Chytill best prospect (IMO). It would cost you most likely 2 of these players and more.</div></div>

You and the rest of Buff nation are delusional if you think that:
1) NYR is stupid enough to give up that lot
2) that one generational player holds the same value as 2 potential generational players and an elite prospect (NOT TO MENTION TWO PICKS THAT YOU WANT THAT COULD ALSO BE THE LATTER)
3) Buff is going to price their own way out of the game, continue asking for too much; and end up trading him for pennies on the dollar.

If anything... EVERY TEAM THAT CAN AFFORD HIM.. is at an advantage because Eichel wants out (although he hasn't publicly said it), Buff doesn't know how to handle the situation, on top of the fact that their front office is even worse of a mess than the New York Jets. (they've had five years to put a roster in front of one of the best players in the league and they've finished in the basement... almost every year since he's been drafted.. to take it a step further... they haven't had a winning record since then either). You'll end up getting two great prospects, a really good roster player and two firsts: and you'll have to take that one home to cry about. Whatever "dream scenario" you have in your head about getting two top three picks, two first round draft picks, a blue chip prospects and elite roster player isn't going to happen for...... one.... player... just be logical.

Yeah NYR will have to part with something tough to swallow but please lets stop this nonsense lol Ranger fans coming up with these "zib howden jones and a first" are just as bad as the buff fans coming up with these "laf kakko chytil zib 3 firsts and your mothers 5th unborn child" scenarios. End of the day, if Buff continues to ask for the moon; they're not going to be able to move him, jack will ask for a trade eventually and then you're getting pretty much nothing close to what NYR is offering OR what the organization wants.
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