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Thread: Habs
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Forum: Armchair-GMAug. 3, 2022 at 4:27 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Sadly Yes
He's signed until he's 20 in the KHL
so right away teams steer clear 9/10
There are exceptions though as Romanov was in a similar position
He was ranked to go as low as 5th round by year end rankings
MB took him in the 2nd round after scouting him almost 4 years personally (Federov turned him onto him)
Romanov though was a 14 year old kid when MB first saw him skating Practice's with his Grandfathers KHL team (the TBL of the KHL)
None of that mattered to me then i watched some of his games a rookie in the KHL and instantly got it as he was lightyears better then most KHL Veterans(just took a lot of avoidable penalties)

So based on that there could be a GM similar to MB who's been watching this kid for years and takes him gladly
But odds are if said team is selecting top 10 doubt they use that 2nd rounder to upgrade to a late 1st and get him there.

That's all before we even factor in Political Strife
Russian have been dropping in the drafts for a few years really
I still feel after the Doping scandal in the olympics created not only between the world and russia
But also between Russia and Russia Athlete's of Russia who competed anyways

F. Svechnikov was the only Russian in 2021 to go in the first round
Askarov , Mukhamadullin,Chinikuv and Amirov in 2020
Podkolzin in 2019 was the lone Russian again
A.Svechnikov, Kravatsov, Denesenko and Alexey in 2018
Klim Kostin the lonely russian taken last in the draft in 2017

Only 2/11 players were taken in the top 10
Only Svechnikov went top 3 and truth be told shoulda proably went 1st OA but Dahlin some how beat him out(Svechnikov couldnt be happier about it though lol)

Point im trying to make is you look back even past 5 years ago and the odds of only 1 Russian going in the 1st round are really low.
In order for a Russian to even go top 5 these days they got to be good enough to go 1st OA giving teams no option but to say yes to them.
During this time the number of Americans and Finn's taken has grown a lot</div></div>

Am sure there are teams working around knowing what it would take to "pry" him from the clutches of mother Russia.
Forum: Montreal CanadiensAug. 3, 2022 at 10:13 a.m.
Very good question.

Am not sure what can be done, but I know it has to be addressed before the season starts and has to come from Gorton.

I don't think that Dach will have that big of an impact, same goes for Slafkovsky (who should play only 9 games).
The MSL effect will be tested against a full season now, we will see, but the honeymoon will end this year.
Like you mentioned in a previous post, our defence is very inexperienced, that should keep things going our way.
And maybe that is the key in this: play a young inexperienced Defence and make your trade-baites in Offence shine. It's the forwards you want to trade away, so go lose 4-3 and 5-4.

If Price is healthy, you might have a conversation with him and tell him that he'll play a maximum of 50 games, with 4 in Laval first.

Hopefully if you start winning it's because of the pieces that you want to trade. And you move them if the price is right.

You might ask for MSL to play the young non-roster guys a certain amount of games. (in the name of assets evaluation)

Maybe if a player that you can't or won't trade gets injured, you keep him off the roster for an extra game or 2 (in the name of his health)

If Price is unhealthy, we will (should) be fine.

But it's a great question.
How do you tank without having it being obvious?
Like I've said before, a 1oa with generational talent is alot of $$$ for an organization. Let's not pretend that $$$ doesn't make the world go round. So there are a few teams that have asked this question.
How do we improve our chances for that player?

I still think we end up with pick #4 to 6
Forum: Armchair-GMAug. 2, 2022 at 10:06 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jonh514</b></div><div>I hope you are wrong:

-Anaheim got better through free agency
-Seattle got better through free agency
-New Jersey got better by having their players improve
-Philadelphia want to win now
-Detroit got better through free agency
-Ottawa got better through trades and free agency
-Columbus got better through free agency
-Buffalo got better through free agency

I think it's gonna be a race to the bottom between Arizona, Chicago, and Montreal. What am I missing?

EDIT - Forgot to add that the Habs got worse defensively when they traded Romanov, Petry, Poehling for Dach &amp; Matheson. Habs will also be trading Drouin &amp; Dadanov as soon as is humanely possible and not waiting to the trade deadline.</div></div>
I also hope am wrong.

My thinking is that we were not as bad as our record showed last year. And so much depends on Price. Even a Price at 80% for 40 games brings us higher in the standings.

Arizona and Chicago did not improve, in fact Chicago is doing the opposite. There going to be the front runners for last position I think. Philly did nothing I think.
The impact a player like Bedard has on a franchise will have teams pull the plug early.

One thing working in our favour is the migration of great players from the west to the east.
So on paper the matchups in the West will be a little easier than in the east.

I still think that we end up with around 70 pts.
So Chicago in the 50's
Phily, NJ, Arizona 60's
Seattle 70