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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TrueCanuck</b></div><div>How exactly is this improving the team?

Coleman is basically replacing Hyman which is at best a lateral move, more of a slight downgrade.

Haula is basically replacing Kerfoot which is a slight downgrade.

Glendening is replacing Engvall which is a lateral move. Glendening is better on the PK slightly but Engvall is far better at 5v5 (where the game is played the most).

Driedger directly replaces Anderson and is a lateral move. Both are good in the regular season and then awful in the playoffs. Driedger likely doesn't sign in Toronto and looks for more of a chance to be a true starter.

Not to mention that Kerfoot has been thrown away here for nothing and his value isn't taken advantage of. After his playoff series he's actually got good value.

The defensive depth isn't addressed after losing Dermott and Hutton. So if there's 1 injury then the defence is screwed (Muzzin can't stay healthy in playoffs).

And Engvall has been thrown away to "anywhere" for what looks for nothing. As inconsistent as he is, he's better off keeping as a depth option and he can be buried in the minors for only $125K against the cap and can come up and play a good checking role if there's injuries.

This team is at best on even par with last seasons team. Is this an improved team? Absolutely not.</div></div>

For me, the argument about Glendenning vs Engvall is moot, Engvall isnt working out here and needs a change of scenery.

Kerfoot is getting taken by the Kraken if we dont trade him, that loses leverage for your return, maybe it could be a 2nd rounder from the canucks, but they could just say "ok, we'll wait for seattle to take him and make a deal with them instead".

Driedger is not a lateral move from Andersen, he's an upgrade. Andersen is 31, and had an 0.895 in 24 games. Driedger is 27 with a 0.927 in 23 games. Clear upgrade and a lower cost.

I think we can agree that the defense was not the issue this playoffs, it was depth scoring. With our current cap situation, its not going to be possible to address both.

Overall, is it a huge improvment? No, but thats just not possible with the flat cap. I think this addresses some of our weakness without sacrificing any prospects.