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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Richard88</b></div><div>Well I guess you taught me! lol

Thanks for filling me in on some history :)

Regarding Murray, the issue I see is that he's going to want a big money contract just 1 year from UFA with arbitration rights. He knows that he's had a down season so wants to cash in now while he can still lean on his 2 cups. We have Annunen on the way in ~2 years so it might not be prudent to make any long-term big-money moves. A $6m goaltender signed throughout our cup window simply HAS to be a hit, because if he fails and plays at a backup level well then that's a huge dent in our cup chances.

Now, if the price to acquire Murray is reasonably cheap (i.e. not Burakovsky), and he is willing to sign a reasonable contract (&lt;$5.5m x &lt;5 years), then I'd think about it. But I doubt he takes that deal and I doubt JR wants what we would be offering for Murray.</div></div>

It might take less than that. This is just what my ask would be. Haha. I wouldn't let him go for nothing or to get rid of him. He still has the capacity to win 3-1 and 4-3 playoff games. He needs a better effort in front of him, though. And he can only steal 1 game per series in all likelihood. For supremely talented teams, like a team with Mack, Mak, Rant, Land, etc. All of your fun young talent ans Landeskog as the de facto old gun just bc the rest of the squad is so young, MM could be a great guy in your system.

If the Avs are interested, I'm sure guys like Cole are pushing for him.
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