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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>qwertymann</b></div><div>Tbh, if he gets closer to the 975k range its too much. He knows he is on the fringes and if he wants to force VAN to keep him up with the big team, he is going to need to have a lower cap hit to justify that. Once EP, QH, and JD are signed, VAN is going to be right up against the cap before they can place Ferland on LTIR. If Juolevi's cap hit is too high and doesn't earn his spot there is no incentive for VAN to have his cap hit count against their cap unless is closer to Hunt's/Schenn's. Also in response to your other message, Juolevi had the most sheltered minutes of any dman and played very few of them. His gap control and puck distribution are pretty solid but thats it man. He is noticeably a step behind when defending, takes too long to make a play and has suspect defensive awareness. If he doesn't improve his skating, he won't make it in the show.</div></div>

I see your point, we'll have to see if he improves &amp; if not I guess they'll have to move on from him. I'm holding out hope; I think he could make the next step &amp; build upon his season

I see this as a good problem for the Canucks; lots of options for 1 spot in the roster.. will be a case of the best man wins.

Canucks need to perform better in their own end before we can even think about competing for a playoff spot. I don't recall watching a game in the past few years where the Nucks have led in the shots department over teams in the top half of the league.
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