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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KPM12</b></div><div>Grz and mcavoy was one of the best pairings in the NHL over the last 2 seasons. Boston should not be quick to trade him. Lindholm was very good with Charlie as well but I think he'd be a great player to compliment Carlo (I wish boston tried it). You can have Reilly and Clifton play pair 3. Forbort should be the obv out but too many boston fans like him bc of his frame and he blocks some shots (which isn’t always a good thing contrary to the general public opinion). The other argument i see a lot on forbort is that he is a great pk defenseman, yes that is true but he actually ranked fourth in pk war added on boston despite being in the top 10 percent of the league (mcavoy, carlo and clifton ranked higher). With all the defenseman this high I think it could be system thing in boston. Forbort isn’t a bad player but he should be the one they try to move but fans can look past his physical frame.</div></div>

Carlo, McAvoy &amp; Clifton are all RHD. Forbort is a LHD. Clifton also didn't have near the PK TOI that the other 3 did and typically would draw the 2nd PP unit and/or the end of the PP's. I honestly put little stock in a "WAR" metric and certainly don't use it as an end all be all. If Boston traded Forbort they're top LD PK guy probably becomes Lindholm or (if not traded) Mike Reilly. I'm find with Lindholm on the PK, but I don't need him logging 3+ minutes a night on the PK, 18+ minutes at ES and then 2+ minutes on the PP. Can Lindholm play 23+ a night? sure, but do it for 82 games and its going to wear guys down and they'll be cooked by the playoffs.
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