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2019May 12 at 5:47
Forum: Mock-Draft
Redwings would never trade analytically their best Defensman for another small middle 6 forward. And the ducks are not trading stoner without retaining salary.
MY REAL ONEJun 12, 2018 at 7:36
Forum: Mock-Draft
They're in the playoffs!Mar 27, 2018 at 6:34
I think Gryba will command more that just 250k more than his current contract.

Plus nurse at this point would florish with a year in the ahl instead of playing 5/6 D
Forum: NHL
Quoting: Watty1
Hey Palhal, his name is GARRETT Sparks. And I agree. I think Subban is a bust.

Watty, thanks for the Garrett. Don't know if Subban is a bust, but no way the Leafs are going to trade a top pick...maybe one of the two Finn wingers. Think Sparks will be Leaf next year, and Bibeau a heavy workload next with the Marlies and hopefully he takes over from UFA Bernier in September 2017. Sparks and Bibeau for awhile.....Like Resch and Billy Smith....Fuhr and Moog.
Forum: NHL
2018 Mock Draft wooMar 8, 2018 at 8:58
Forum: Mock-Draft
World Junior TalkDec 28, 2017 at 10:11
You gave an excellent reason for wanting to get rid of Elder. But isn't that the same reason why Detroit or probably no other team would want him? Detroit has more cap problems than Vancouver, so the trade doesn't seem likely. Hamhuis seems like a popular signing, but shouldn't the Canucks be moving away from him (someone younger?)
Camp lines?Sep 17, 2017 at 2:59
Forum: NHL
Quoting: Sqm918
Quoting: Stormm_29
Sprong is nowhere in the lineup

Umm....ok. What's ur point?

I guess i mean, he has in no way effected this roster or anything involving it, just saying odd title
What's up with Athanasiou?Aug 22, 2017 at 10:47
Forum: NHL
Quoting: iggy1375
Cumiskey is for depth on d. We don't know if/when tvr will get hurt or any other d man. We know what we have in him. And no one in the pipeline to step up.. Unless Erhof signs for 1.75 no need to look elsewhere.

Still, you can sign a vet dman for 1.75, keep versteeg and get rid of nordstrom and pay kruger 250k less and you have space (like 50k leftover). That puts rundblad as the 7th d and keeps the starting 6 good.
Restricted Free AgentsAug 8, 2017 at 4:20
Forum: NHL
Darci Lynne is incredibleAug 4, 2017 at 5:05
Forum: The Box
Haha pretty much just reverted the mess Rutherford made
2018-19 defenseAug 1, 2017 at 5:35
Central Standings?Jul 31, 2017 at 6:18
Forum: NHL
Why not wait until free agency?
What to do with Galchenyuk?Jul 31, 2017 at 5:56
Quoting: coga16
Quoting: Sqm918
Quoting: coga16
Quoting: Sqm918
Quoting: coga16
Quoting: Sqm918
Quoting: palhal
Fair trade? Saad is better, cheaper than Kessell. Certainly more upside than Kessell. Rychel even now is at a par with Bennett with a lot more upside potential.

Saad isnt better. $800,000 is chump chance. Not more upside. Just has youth on his side. Thats the only reason why Columbus wouldnt trade Saad straight up for Kessel. Will likely end up with similar statistics as Kessel. Good try, though. Accurate regarding Rychel and Bennett.

Saad 23 years old 55gms 20g 16a 36pts
Kessel 28 years old 54gms 16g 19a 35pts

I would take Saad 10 times out of 10, way more upside in Saad, and arguably better entering the prime of his career, might want to mention who is out scoring Kessel with Brandon Dubinsky as his C, not Malkin or Crosby.

Kessel has been a beast for so many years, but I don't think he is getting a premier forward in any package, look at the package that the pens got him in. Too much bad voodoo attached to his name

It would depend on who else was on the team that would determine who I would rather take. If i had a team like Pittsburgh, I would say Saad. If I had Toronto, I would say Kessel. When you have guys like Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin on the team, u arent gonna be filling the net with goals especially if you are on a line with one of them. Saad has a mere 4 more goals than Kessel. Just 4. Saad should actually have more goals given the fact he plays with a MUCH less skilled player in Dubinsky. You pretty much proved me right when you said, "...might want to mention who is out scoring Kessel with Brandon Dubinsky as his C, not Malkin or Crosby," so thanks for that. Kessel would hands down get the pens an elite scorer. No, not Toews or Kane, but a package for Saad and company could happen.

Kessel won't get you a younger, slightly better cap hit, same production forward in a trade. Why would a team trade for an older more expensive version of what they already have. NHL teams are not that dumb, it doesnt work like that

I never said Kessel alone would get a guy like Saad. I said a package that includes Kessel and Saad. A package that could include Columbus receiving some young guys and/or picks for the future. You never know. That's precisely how "it" works.

you are one of the most ridiculous posters on this site, first you are clamouring how Saad isn't better, just youth on his side, then adamant that Kessel would hands down get you an elite scorer in a trade, and now you are saying Kessel alone wouldnt get a guy like Saad? You go all over the place with your trade value and assessments.

You contradict urself. You understand the fact that Saad is younger, but dont get the fact that they Columbus wouldnt trade Saad straight up for Kessel. Why would Columbus trade for an exact replica of Saad, but 5 yrs. older when they could just have 5 more years of playing time in Saad. You said it urself in a previous comment, but I guess u dont even understand what YOU are saying. Yes, i said Saad isnt better, but I never said Kessel is better either. The only way the pens get Saad is if it involves a package going to both teams. Its the exact same situation with a Crosby for McDavid trade. Crosby is 10 yrs. older, so why would Edmonton trade away a replica of Crosby when they could just have McDavid for 10 more years. It's a simple concept, but for whatever reason you are having a hard time comprehending. All you have to do is use ur brain, think, and comprehend. You should try that same strategy when you comment again because you definitely havent done that so far. Lastly, im the most ridiculous posters on this site?!? Haha dont make me laugh. You should look in a mirror and repeat that. You just dont like me because I prove you wrong and make you sound foolish.
Lines?Jul 31, 2017 at 9:43
Which forwards make the team?Jul 29, 2017 at 5:57
For those who are asking why Vancouver would do this deal, they do this because Vrbata is a 34 year old player in the last deal of his contract. If you ask me, I don't see them re-signing him this offseason. They are weak defensively as well, insert Marc Staal. Staal is still a Top 4 Defenseman, yes he has struggled but he is still a Top 4 Defenseman; and I feel his struggles are overblown as every NYR D-man has struggled this year.
In terms of why I did the lines as I did:
Nash-Brassard-Zuccarello: This is undeniably the Rangers top line. They play very well together, no reason to change it.
Kreider-Stepan-Versteeg: Kreider and Stepan have great chemistry to begin with. Versteeg DRIVES possession.
Jensen-Hayes-Miller: Why Miller on the 3rd line? I LOVE his game and think he is a 2nd line player BUT I really like him with Hayes. Put him on the right side here to be Hayes' #1 option. Energy/forechecking line. Defense is only question mark
Glass-Lindberg-Fast: Its not very likely we get rid of Glass which means it will be tough to re-sign Moore. Lindberg can win faceoffs and along with Fast, they are quick and can generate offense.
Regression?Jul 1, 2017 at 6:18
Enstrom? Older, more expensive, shorter term, and not as good as Hamonic.