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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HabsForEver</b></div><div>Michael McCarron - was never going to be anything more than a bottom 6 forward. When he was drafted, he was slated as a major reclamation project. He chose to go to the CHL, which was the biggest mistake of his life. Still capable of being a 13th forward.

Jacob De La Rose - Was a great, great player in Europe, his defensive skills transitioned, but his offensive game never translated, I don't know what happened here. He's still a good 4th line PKer.

Zach Fucale - We all know Goalies are a mystery, but he was wicked on that Halifax Moosehead team and is still showing signs of his skill. He was a bust though.

Artturi Lehkonen - Steal of a pick. Pure defensive player that is on pace this year for over 40 points. Gives it his all every shift.

Connor Crisp - The only guy we drafted who never had any hype, never showed any real signs of being an NHL player.

Sven Andrighetto - Very capable middle six winger. For a 3rd round pick, that's a great pick.

Martin Reway - Very unfortunate what happened to him. Was showing signs of being a very good NHL player before heart problems were found. Just **** luck here really.

Jeremy Gregoire - 6th round pick so was never expecting much, still showed some signs of skill in Junior, just couldn't develop him.

3/8 drafted players being full time NHLers is a great job considering just how weak this draft was. There's still time for more of those players to become NHL players. I wouldn't call this draft a loss.</div></div>

This was a nice break down, but surly you don't think this draft was weak? 2013 was loaded!

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