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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>reelkena</b></div><div>Crosby vs McDavid is skill vs talent. I'll explain

McDavid does what he does on talent. His speed is natural, his hands are natural. What he does requires minimal thought because it's just there for him when he needs it. Obviously he keeps up with practice and such but he would need to do so less than anyone else because it's a gift, not something he developed as much. Take that for what you will.

Crosby is skill in that he uses levels like most people. he just went farther than anyone else.

If you can't skate well, when you get on the ice, your first thoughts are about balance and moving and speed etc. If you're thinking about those things you can't really focus on other skills you need. Then you get better at skating and the next thing becomes a focus. You learn to do something well so you can think about a new thing and make the last thing automatic. That's Crosby. He works hard. Gets a thing down, moves on. His edges, his hip shifts all that stuff were projects for him as much as shot and vision.

McDavid at 18 with his talent &gt; Crosby at 18 with his.

Crosby at 36 learning constantly will be leagues ahead of McDavid at 36 because Connor just needed less work on his game so he wouldn't think of the levels Crosby did.

So if you want the better natural talent like Lemieux and Orr were, you'd pick McDavid.

And if you want the workhorse like Gretzky was you'd pick Crosby.

Personally I have Lemieux and Orr over Gretzky but I'd call McDavid vs Crosby a toss up. Both arguments are sound.</div></div>

I agree with the first part of what you said--I would have chosen a bit different vocab though. skill and talent to me are fairly similar words but I understand what you're trying to say.
just saying McDavid is more skilled I think is true (although this era is now more skilled as a whole than Sid came into the league) while Sid is more complete. McDavid is great off the rush with the puck but everywhere else Sid is better prob right?? grinding down low, cycling the puck, elevating line mates, playmaking, Defense, etc....

I also have Lemieux, Orr, Gretzky as my top-3... I say fill in the blank at number 4 just now Gordie howe lol and I have Sid at number 5.
I disagree that Sid vs McDavid is a toss up... in terms of NHL rating today that is true...but they are a diff generational player so it's hard to compare. if McDavid started in 05-06 then what happens? or if Sid starts in 2015 then what happens? McDavid got to come in guns blazing with speed and skill and still doesn't have to play D...
Sid is a way more complete player still today even though much older. if McDavid could play some D and turn good D into offense he could be that much better. like Geno he just needs to meet them [coaches] halfway. I doubt he will but...
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