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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PleaseBanMeForMyOwnGood</b></div><div>Massive optimism here. And huge homer bias. Liljegren for in for 11 games when the top 3 defenceman for the Leafs were hurt and their goaltending went on a huge slide. No one looked good at that time. There isn't room this season but next year he will get the opportunity to stick. Likely as a 3rd pair guy to start but with how he's progressed on the farm, I think he has potential to be a good top 4 contributor by the time he's 25.

As for this whole Nylander vs Rust being close arguement. It's just ridiculous. He is more of a playmaker than a goal scorer which is why he has more assists than goals. Again though he done it in less games and is Four years younger. This is just silly already. We have all seen the absolute best from Rust. A good player no doubt but he is in no way ever comparable to Nylander. A point a game season of 40 goals is absolutely possible with Nylander. Compare him to Guentzal, that's a hell of a lot closer than Rust. I am fully aware this is going to trigger you guys.</div></div>

Yes you have huge Homer bias. That’s evident lol. Liljegren will possibly turn into a solid top 4 by age 25. Marino did that by age 22. To sit there and say nylander is better than rust because he is ahead of rust in trajectory then say Liljegren and Marino are the same even though Marino is miles ahead of Liljegren in trajectory is nonsense. The fact of the matter is that contending teams go based on what is the current status. Could nylander in a few years be better than he is now...sure. Is it possible this is the best of nylander too...sure. If the pens are rebuilding then this absolutely makes more sense for pittsburgh. If Rust had term I’d say this makes even more sense for the leafs. The only reason I think the leafs decline is because rust is going to want a raise and the leafs are cap strapped. I would bet leafs would take the massive upgrade in defense (especially considering their past 5 games and history) over a minor upgrade in offense.
Forum: Armchair-GM22 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PleaseBanMeForMyOwnGood</b></div><div>Marino is fine, he's doesn't strike me as anything overly special just a solid NHL defenceman. A 21 year defenceman isn't a bust, especially since he's a top pairing guy showing really good progression on the far as their top defenceman. He's going to be a good player down the road. This whole Rust is close to Nylander idea is ridiculous. He's 28 and had a good year last year and is doing good this year. He's 28 though, last year is the best you are evey going to get out of him. Nylander is just entering his prime. And he's flat out better. The only way to say this favors TO is if you believe Marino is a future number 1 which is a huge stretch. He's similar to what I see Liljegren becoming which is a very good top 4 complimentary piece. A TJ Brodie if you will. Nothing all that special offensively but solid defensively. That isn't a bust. Typical fan bias here. "But rust had 27 goals last year after being a 3rd liner for his entire career prior". Nylander is better anyone who isn't loving their own player unconditionally knows this.</div></div>

Again no one here has denied that nylander is a better player than rust. What we are saying is that they are pretty close. They have played a similar amount of games and Nylander on has a 49 point advantage (4 goal advantage). It’s a fact that rust has played a bottom 6 role for a good majority of his career. He also plays the PK and a defensive role. Which is why it makes him close to Nylander. Marino is proven, Liljegren isn’t. We’ve heard the past couple years that Liljegren was going to be up and yet isn’t. I didn’t say he was a bust. I said he is close to being one. He hasn’t done squat in the nhl. He played 11 games last year in a sheltered role and looked less than impressive. Hence why he isn’t up now. It doesn’t matter what you see Liljegren as. Clearly no one else sees him as that. He may be a bottom pair dman with the potential to be a 2nd pair if he figures it out. Marino is a 2nd pair dman with the potential to be number 1. Actually likely to be a number 1. That’s hardly similar to Liljegren’s trajectory. The value between rust and Nylander isn’t Marino. That’s way too much.
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