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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pensfan21</b></div><div>I like it. Roslovic is a good option for 3C. Good to get more youth in the lineup. The only thing is I personally am not super confident Nylander would hold up in the top 6. But I would be very happy with this lineup to start the season. It's definitely a playoff team. My thoughts are just focus on making it a sure playoff team now then at the deadline make the changes to make it a contender. A top 6 or third line wing upgrade is for sure something we can do at deadline. Overall though I really like this team. Fingers crossed for a Karlsson trade today</div></div>

Hopeful as ever that the deal gets done for him, and I think in response to your comment on Nylander, I think his upside is top 6 or middle 6 winger simply because of what he is capable of doing on the offensive side of the puck. Though the defense is lackluster so putting him on a line with Malkin may not be the smartest move. But if you want to keep Malkin producing for an extra year or 2 then he should do that with more then enough offensive fire power around him and guys that he can trust that will get back for him.

Also I’ve been thinking of the deadline lately and one thing that concerns me that it seems no one has brought up is, how the HELL are we going to be able to make a significant move at the deadline when we are going into the season with no money to spare. Sure you can bank in LTIR and guys being injured but if we are rolling and we are in say 2nd and 3rd in the Metro and have a healthy team going for us, then I can’t see how we are going to be able to add any more cap space on to the roster? And it’s not like we are going to have an extra $1m or a number we can work with. We are literally going to be TO THE CAP HIT. That’s just my concerns for the tdl atm
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