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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Chigurrhh</b></div><div>Maatta is better player than Johnson but ideally both would be gone. Both flawed players. Kahun is a great addition though and they weren't going to get anything for Johnson without packaging with Kessel.

" quietly having a really good year on all measures". So far, the only measure you have talked about is wins. That's the depth of your analysis? C'mon man.

Here's the thing. There's a couple hints here that you have zero clue what you are talking about and just making things up as you go.

"start as a 2nd LHD".

That sounds like you are talking about football, not hockey. A 2nd pairing or second line guy generally doesn't "start" and people don't talk about them that way.

" Because they paired Marino and Letang for a LONG time."

Yeah, no. Dumoulin got surgery on December 1st. Schultz's last game was the 17th. That's a total of 7 games. That's not a "long time" by any stretch.

"Now JJ bounces between both Marino and Letang in pairings"

Factually incorrect. They have hardly been on the ice at the same time since the Schultz injury. Marino has been with Pettersson almost that entire time. Johnson has been with Letang almost exclusively (Riikola swapped a few times).

In the 14 games since Schultz was injured, Johnson and Marino have spent exactly 4:37 playing together. There is no "bouncing". Stop it.

<a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"></a>

Marino has actually been paired with Pettersson more this season despite spending a lot of the first two months of the season with Johnson.

Marino-Pettersson. 248:52 TOI

Marino-Johnson. 177:18 TOI.

Stop making things up. Or at least stop pretending that you know anything.</div></div>

talking about not knowing what you are talking about. Dec 1st is when Marino moved into 1LD spot. So I don't know where you get this mess. And he still spends time playing there.
You are just arrogant. That's all there is to you.
Of course Marino spent more time with Petterson. He paired with him most of the year due to Schultz being injured earlier in the year. He took the 2RD spot and never let it go.
JJ on the other hand stayed in the 3LD position until dumo got hurt. So of course they weren't paired together.
You just make things up as you go and invent your own facts without watching games.

Not to mention your whole argument is just ridiculous to begin with.
Hell from your own point of view you are saying JJ is playing 1st pairing hard minutes. Then you want to say, oh he couldn't play 2nd pairing minutes.
What kind of circular logic is that?

So basically JJ can play 1st pairing minutes on a team that in the stretch hes been playing those minutes has been one of the hottest teams in the league. But he sucks and couldn't play 2nd pairing minutes anywhere else and it's only because of the other players on the team. Meanwhile, Crosby is out. Jake is out, Dumo is out, ....should we continue there.

You just spout things off arrogantly and cluelessly. What I didn't rattle off a bunch of stats. No I didn't. If you want to go look at the stats yourself feel free to. His 5v5 play has been good. 50% corsi, + player. He's a stay at home guy so he's not going to be a point producer. Low number of turn overs. High number of hits. But for most of the year, that's been where he's at.
So yeah, he's quietly had a good year and his 5v5 play shows it.
But hey, you keep pigeon holing a guy on the one year he spent on his off side because it's the internet and you don't watch games.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Chigurrhh</b></div><div>He's been playing on the *1st pairing with Letang due to injury and Letang's production and defensive results have taken a pretty big hit. Multiple articles have been written about how that pairing isn't working for either player. Johnson was playing significantly better in the sheltered minutes he had before Schultz and Dumoulin were injured. The fact that you think he would be the 2LD on most teams demonstrates that you don't really have any clue who is on the other teams in the league..

Winning is a result of a sum of parts. This doesn't mean everything is working well, just well enough to get the wins. I get really tired of explaining it. "X player can't be that good if the team is bad" or "X player can't be that bad if the team is good". No. Please stop with this simplistic thinking.</div></div>

the only simplistic thinking here is you.
And he has indeed played 2nd pairing for a lot of the time Dumo has been out. Because they paired Marino and Letang for a LONG time.
Now JJ bounces between both Marino and Letang in pairings in the 1st and 2nd pairings.

You keep wanting to knock the guy. Oh it can't be him that's good.
While the only thing you do is want to look at a year where he played his off side practically the whole year and say....oh look he sucks...he sucks....

Meanwhile there is the reality of the fact, where JJ is quietly having a really good year on all measures. But sure, it can't be him. It has to be everyone else.
Or maybe, big surprise here, a year working with Gonchar and playing on his natural side has helped his game.
And as far as worse play since not being on the bottom pairing...that's laughable. The team has played great all that time with him playing that role while Crosby was out.
But hey, I get it. You wanted Maatta instead. :tearsofjoy
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Forum: Armchair-GM17 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Laudan</b></div><div>I forgot many ppl here on this site are staring at letters but not really using brains when reading or my Language barrier made my statement not understandable. Schultz skating on one leg is better then Ceci, its just 2019 Schultz after coming back from his injury without playing for last 1-2 months will be as much of <strong>value</strong> in "Playoff run" as Ceci, so NONE, TBL or BOS will sweep them even if they will make it....

Problem is you are rigging the "facts" to suit your Team and get Kapanen for DeSmith ( thats usualy TML homers thing )......Schultz isnt / wasnt the same since he got back from last years injury and now hes out again....he wont resurect in his 2017 Form when he will come back from this its pretty much patching instead of going for much needed Top Pair D man ( or even two, plenty of pieces and picks still available to make it happened till TDL where "Cap crunch" is no longer "Cap crunch")</div></div>

your problem is you think Kap, is worth more than he is.
I hate to break it to you, but Tor would be nuts not to take it.
First you get rid of CC, which already lowers any return on any deal because without that move, you can't really make a move.
Second, you get a clear upgrade on your blue line and someone capable of pointing a PP. You keep wanting to knock the guy. Yes, after breaking an ankle last year he needed a little time. So do a lot of players. But it's a year later and he's doing ok. His current injury is a soft tissue thing. It's gonna be just fine.
You want to knock his play. His 5v5 corsi is 52.2% and he's a + player.
That's already better that anything else you are going to get. His numbers aren't great because he has a reduced role. That's what happens when you insert Marino into a lineup and he keeps growing and taking more responsibility. So he's playing behind 2 really good players putting him in a 3RD position.
But to sit here and pretend he doesn't improve your odds of winning a cup over CC is laughable.

Stop being a homer. Kap is a mid 6 winger. You don't get 2nd pairing defensemen capable of pointing a power play and dish off cap dumps, + get a backup goalie for mid 6 wingers.
This trade might as well have a bow on it.
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