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Forum: Toronto Maple LeafsSat at 12:42 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ryminister_27</b></div><div>LOL .. do you know hockey? .. that was offside. Pastrnak never fully carried the puck over the blueline first before Marchand entered the zone, Marchand's back skate was lifted off the ice at his heal, the the puck went in, making him offside. He may have been offside by about an inch and a half, but its still offside by the rules. They most likely let it go because of 2 things 1) they're starting to lean more towards the ref's call on the ice unless something is extremely obvious so that there isn't as much negative feedback 2) because they allowed the Matthews goal which was already debatable for goalie interference which was highly debatable but should've been called back.

So technically, Leafs should have won 1-0 if we're going by that logic. But that's the absolute most trash argument ever. There's no way to know how the game plays out if Matthew's goal is called off. Could've went either way. It was a good game. Refs were terrible again, but they have been all series. It's nice to see the Bruins fans finally complaining about it though when the majority of the calls have gone in their favour.

All around, great game. Hell of a series. Gonna be a shame to see it end on Tuesday or Sunday though. Whoever wins this series immediately becomes the cup favourite.</div></div>

I just sais in my previous comment there was no reason to overturn the bruins goal because we can’t see the puck and the skate of Marchand in the same replay so they can’t overturn that but I agree with most of your comment , the refs were in Boston favour and we can’t predict what happen if the Matthews goal was overturn

Also I’m not a bruins fan so I just said my opinion and it was not influence by my favourite team
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