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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Windjammer</b></div><div>I like how you use Dubois' career numbers, but only the last two for Meier on a feeble attempt to try and tilt the numbers so that you have a case for debate.

The fact is that Dubois and Meier produce at a trade within 1 point of each other over their careers and Dubois had done that while being younger and playing the more demanding position of center as opposed to a position with less responsibilities in winger. Both are power forwards, so in don't know why you made that silly point.

You definitely bring your hockey "knowledge" into doubt if you don't follow hockey enough to know that centers are always more valuable than wingers when they produce about the same. That's very basic hockey knowledge that smile that follows hockey should know.

So, you should probably go back and educate yourself on position and player values in trades and work on a rebuttal point where to don't have to resort to being disingenuous and trying to use cherry picked stats to try and give yourself a position to defend.

You just come off as being ignorant of basic hockey knowledge when you have to resort do cherry picking.

There simply is no rational or logical reasoning to support your position. PLD is younger, produces the same and does so while playing the more difficult position. Hence carries equal or more value. You can build a team around centers, you can't build a team around wingers.</div></div>

You can build a team around any position. This is hockey. LHD, RHD, Goaltending, Wingers, Centers... it's not just "he's a center, so his value is more!"
I picked Meier's past two seasons specifically because they are better than any point total Dubois has scored in his career. If anything, it shows Meier's worth more.
They both scored around 60 point paces, until the past two seasons where Meier flourished, scoring 35 and a ppg+ season total in back to back years on a rebuilder.

You are the ONLY one believing in this magical, fantasy mock trade where Dubois will score you a kings ransom if traded.
Also, thanks for clarifying I'm the one whos ignorant, when you ignored almost every point I made, lmao. Really shows the homer in you!
Are we gonna ignore the Chychrun return..?

I know Jets fans are having a super hard time with knowing Dubois secretly doesn't want to play for their team, and might one day leave, but this is the reality of it.
Forum: Armchair-GMMar. 12 at 10:51 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Windjammer</b></div><div>You have demonstrated many, many times that you have no realistic grasp on player values.

Like Meier compared to PLD. The both score within 1 point of each other historically while PLD is two years younger.

Then you throw in that while Meier is a nice player, he's only a winger, while PLD is a young 1C the rarest thing in hockey. Meier just isn't in the same league.

Anyways, just take some time to educate yourself a little bit on hockey and which positions are hardest to fill and you'll start to gain a little perspective on how player values work.

Then you just need to work on viewing proposals without bias and stop with trolling and personal attacks when you don't have a valid counterpoint instead of displaying your ignorance with childish replies.</div></div>

Has HE demonstrated that he knows nothing of player values... or have you?

PLD, prior to this season, was an average 60pt 2C. This season, better numbers, a 72 point pace.
Meier, the past two seasons, is a ppg+ goal scoring power forward.

He's better than Dubois right now. Not to mention Meier was putting up these numbers on a rebuilder. I don't know what "the rarest thing in hockey" is supposed to mean, or if you just made that up?
PLD isn't fetching you this rare, unicorn like return where a team is willing to give up 3 firsts because Windjammer on capfriendly said "he's the rarest thing in hockey!!!!"

If you're looking at a PLD return, you're looking towards a Horvat return:
B prospect
Young roster player..

OR, a Chychrun return.
two 2nds.
(which is similar in value....)

We saw what happened when the Yotes asking price for Chychrun was near two firsts+... they were waited out because nobody wanted to pay that price for him, regardless if he was a 24 year old top pairing LHD.
You're gonna see something similar if WPG takes the same route. The return, will be similar to one of those above^

Brush up a bit on your players and trade history.
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