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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>You're looking at the cap penalty

2023-24 :

BUYOUT COST : $833,334
CAP HIT : $2,833,334

2024-25 :

BUYOUT COST : $833,334
CAP HIT : $833,334


Cheap in terms of real dollars, cap penalty only a problem the first year but easily manageable if the cap really goes up to 86.5 M$

I did an ACGM a while ago and gave Zub 5.0, DeBrincat 9.0, Brannstrom 2.0 and Pinto 5.0 while buying out Zaitsev and it all fit under the cap… As you can see, worst case scenario for all of them


Post buyout earnings are $3,666,667, you have to pay the signing bonus regardless. So it's:

$2.0M in bonus + 2nd round pick with $0 Cap hit


$3.67M in total buyout cost with $2.83M cap hit in 23-24 and $833k cap hit in 24-25

This is where they are going to have to decide if they are planning on going after an additional D around $4-5M or if status quo is good enough to compete.

If you give the contracts stated above to Zub, Cat, Pinto and Branny (which I think are all fair, maybe a bit high but better to plan high then low), who is rounding out your D and back up goalie?

On the back end, JBD's contract is also up, so he'll be in for a bit of a raise, probably $1.XM one way contract I would guess. Lassi is still at $863K and can be sent down. So we have Chabby, Zub, Sandy and Branny. Are you comfortable with both JBD and Lassi rounding out the bottom pair and do you think the 4 mentioned above are all top 4 D? I'm on the fence with Branny, he is playing well this year but he isn't an elite defender, can't really box guys out in front of the net and he's not exactly piling up the points this season. I also don't think the mix is ideal with those as your top 4.

For me, ideally, you pay the signing bonus, trade him for the 2nd round pick and be done with the cap hit etc. Chase a $4-5M free agent D and try to get better. A buyout of Zaitsev would result in $7.8M in dead cap next season, if the cap doesn't go up to the $86.5 there will be issues resigning players we already have let alone upgrading the back end. I also think it would be beneficial to let Lassi play one more season in Bellville to round out his game and have an experienced defender paired with Sandy, with Branny and JBD rounding out the bottom pair.
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Thread: Wheeler out
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>No, I wish people could think for themselves.. So I'm asking you...and not some BS you heard from the media, do you think Ottawa would be even remotely interested in the trade you proposed?</div></div>

I don't think it's that bad of a deal to be honest. The cap hit doesn't really matter to Ottawa, Wheeler's actual salary averages to 7.375M per, which, for a top 6 forward, is pretty decent. I think getting any value out of Brannstrom is going to be tough, he might be worth a 3rd round pick at this point, so packaging him with a very late 2nd round pick for 2 years of Wheeler isn't terrible value. Wheeler was very close to a point a game the last 3 years. He's getting older but I think there's still some value in him. Worst case is he plays a year and a half they flip him at the trade deadline as a rental and have one of the internal players such as Greig move in if he is ready. It would likely end up being a net neutral deal, and they might even make it out ahead with retention, as I think Wheeler as a rental could bring a decent return.

I don't think that Wheeler should be the Sens first choice though, I would try to go the free agent route as there is at least 10 really good free agents available at this time that I would have interest in. My first pick would be the obvious one, Claude Giroux. But there are others, and ones that won't cost a ton, such as Burakovsky, Niederreiter, Copp, Mikheyev, Trocheck, Marchment, Nichushkin. And if they want to spend $$ they could always take a run at Forsberg, Malkin or Kadri.
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Thread: LAK Fiala
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