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Thread: Pens
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Thread: Pens
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>you want people to pay up for hopes and prayers. That isn't how it works on these guys who have years under their belt. Hell would you pay him the 2.5-3 million he'd be making at that level right now, as a RFA? I mean that speaks more than volumes on what the guy is worth no? I mean come on you are paying for future potential, that's your own argument.

Let me put it this way. ZAR put up 8 goals and 17 points for the penguins last year in 48 games. Which actually averages out to better than Jack's numbers.
Are you going to claim to me he's a legit 3rd liner? Would you pay up what you want other people to pay up for Jack for ZAR?
No you wouldn't. And that is where you're argument falls apart. Because I like ZAR, but he's a 4th liner who got paid 1 mil per after that season and rightfully so.
Your guy isn't performing any better.
You can say the same thing about ZAR, oh he's a young guy what makes you think he can't put up 20, you should pay an arm and a leg for him.
I like ZAR, he's a decent player....he's a 4th liner who's value to the penguins is worth more than trading him. But his trade value is what it is. Jack's is no different but you want to argue otherwise.

There are a lot of 3rd liners putting up 16+ goals a season. You can't win without those guys contributing secondary scoring.
Just in the teams I watch the most, Eller and Jenner. Both 3rd liners both guys have cracked 16+ multiple times.
Lets not pretend that's not happening. Yeah there are some bad 3rd liners out there, but that's because there are a slew of bad aka replacement level players. Guys who have aged out but still have contracts, guys that are forced in, etc... It is what it is. A lot of them are getting less ice time than Jack.
So we can keep going round and round on this, but when you realize YOU wouldn't pay what you are asking for the value you are getting. NOR would YOU pay the player a salary equal to what you are asking for him, then we are done arguing it.</div></div>

I just did further research and it turns out you're wrong, Rollover had 12 goals not 10... in 71 games played, he could have easily scored 4 more to live up to your 16 goal requirement.

Roslovic is a good 3rd liner, you are wrong, and your argument is fubar.

Good try though......
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Thread: What if
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