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Thread: Pens
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>when you try to say other people look like a moron but your **** says **** like this.
"Why does it matter if Roslovic played the PK or not? "

Here is a clue hockey clueless. The more you can do on the ice to better your team the better. And where your minutes come from says a lot.
If you got a guy who gets 10 minutes of ice time a night but 3-4 of them come on the PK, then his odds of producing any points is a lot smaller than someone who gets 10 minutes of 5v5 or even strength play.
They get harder minutes, they contribute in different ways that aren't coming up on a score sheet.

10 goals is pure **** for a 3rd liner. That is indeed 4th line production. If you don't under stand that you aren't paying attention.
You want 3rd liners who can generate upper teens to 20 goals a season. It's called secondary scoring and every team in the league is looking for it.
So when you role a guy out and he generates 10 goals a season and gets 15 minutes of basically 5v5 play every night and you want to say the production is "fine" and "average" for a 3rd liner I'm going to tell you now that's pure bs.

Most 3rd liners are getting 12-14 minutes a night and a lot of them are putting up better numbers than he is.
This is why WPG isn't paying him.
I don't know why that is so hard for you to figure out.</div></div>

How many 3rd liners put up 20 goals in the NHL? Do you know how many top 6 players don't put up 20 goals? Come on dude, you're not that clueless...

10 goals is fine for a 3rd liner especially when he's putting up 30+ points. He's young, he'll produce more goals eventually, probably 15+

Winnipeg isn't paying him because he doesn't want to be in Winninpeg... My lord.

Btw, McCann is one of the best 3rd liners in the league and he doesn't put up close to 20 goals lol
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Thread: Pens
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