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Forum: Armchair-GMOct. 15, 2022 at 5:20 p.m.
Thread: Muzzin trade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Koskinen_The_Great</b></div><div>After watching Florida today. That team is big and scary. Their D issues are overblown. Josh Mahura was a great add for the bottom pair. Forsling-Gudas-Ekblad-Montour with that center depth absolutely suffocated the Sabres in the third with only a few shot attempts while protecting the lead. Leafs arent even in the ballpark to play that kind of shutdown hockey. Lundell is damn impressive, Barkov lite. Tkachuk is absolutely making teams crazy and draws so many penalties. Dahlin lost his mind today trying to get at Matthew! Tkachuk has about 30 shot attempts already in 2 games. They are winning the division easily with Knight back in form. Knight finished the year last 15 games with over .920 save percentage. Monster stretch glove save on Skinner today with an open net.

If Dubas doesnt stop falling in love with his guys, this team may win a round but that's it! Hats off to the Cats GM unlike Dubas he wasnt afraid to trade his guys and FIX the issues. Cats outscored everyone last year but couldnt shut it down..now they can! Dubas got absolutely owned by Bill Zito this Summer in how to make your team into a legit Cup contender</div></div>

We will see how it plays out. I have liked a lot of what Dubas has done but there are a few things I have really not liked:

I didn't like the Marner contract. Should have been 9.5 x 8.
I didn't like the Ritchie signing (on the day of) - We needed a big power physical forward. He just isn't physical.
I didn't like the Mrazek signing (on the day of) - I really wanted to get Fleury that offseason and if not him I though Reimer. The contract was too long and we had Campbell expiring, so we needed to keep cap for him.
I didn't like the Malgin/Marchement trade (on the day of) - We needed size and physicality in our bottom of the roster at that time and Marchement was that guy in our orginaztion.
I didn't love the Kadri trade (on the day of) - we needed to upgrade our right D. But Barrie just wasn't that person in my mind.
I didn't like the Murray trade (on the day of) - the fact they didn't get 50% retention still blows my mind.

In terms of what I have really liked:
Kase signing was great
Kampf signing has been spectacular
Brodie signing was 100% exactly what we needed. Team got wayyyy better since Brodie
Bunting signing has turned out amazing
Giordano trade and signing have been perfect
I actually liked the trade they made to get rid of Mrazek and Ritchies contacts. Fixed both mistakes inexpensively.

I am sure there is a lot more. Overall Dubas has done a good job. The team entering the playoffs the past few years has looked extremely good. He has been icing a great team. They just couldn't pull through.

Clearly far from perfect though.

This offseason I would have done completely different than what Dubas did. I REALLLY thought they needed to get bigger on forward and on D. Big power left winger (a guy like Kane at 5.5 x 5 would have been perfect). I like the ZAR signing. But I thought they needed to replace Holl, Kerfoot and not sign a guy like Jarnkrok and use that cap to get bigger and more physical. Which he did not do.

Team still looks good but I still think they are too small. Time will tell!
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