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To even it out, take out Phaneuf (who's pretty much untradeable now without retaining salary), and downgrade the 1st to a 2nd. Duchene is good, but so is Zibanejad. Barrie is good, but so is Ceci. They're better, so the 2nd bumps it up. So instead we have:

Duchene + Barrie for Ceci + Zibanejad + 2nd

I actually really like this trade. Ottawa can focus more on winning now by making their team slightly older and building around Karlsson, and Colorado makes their team slightly younger to build around MacKinnon.

Ottawa would still need a massive upgrade on defense if they want any chance at winning (Barrie is purely offense), but I like it.
Why 4 goalies but only 1 forward sub?
TOP10Feb 27 at 3:00
Forum: Mock-Draft
Its rare when the posters team is the one getting screwed. You still managed. Appreciate the analysis regardless but that is a god awful trade with CLB. Sure they have some cap space, doesn't mean they need to take on 12m of not so good contract in the process. this is incredibly counter intuitive.

People need to chillax on the over hype every year of the draft prospects. Statistics show that all 3 probably will never score more then 40G and/or 80Pts in their highest possible production..... There is as much data that shows they might be 60-70 point guys at best. And thats not a bad thing at all, Im just saying if you give up Monahan in the process, is it really worth it?