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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PredsWingsFan</b></div><div>I think Anaheim, St Louis &amp; Detroit all pass.

Anaheim- Gibson is consistent and still a good age/ contract mix. since 2016 averaging around 50 games, sub 3 GAA &amp; over .900 Save average... Hart, while a good prospect, really seems like he is shaky at times and inconsistent. Philly would have to send more because they are really trying to just dump Gostisbehere and I personally think him and Fleury even out after age, contract and skills are taken into account. I think Philly still has to toss something else on the table to make this work.

St Louis - I think they still would want to see more. Like they might entertain a conversation if you change that 2nd round to a 1st round. But then again, If I am Philly, I also dont really like this trade either. Maybe they let Parayko go for a 1st round pick.. then what? Philly gets him for a year and he likely walks for more money somewhere else after that year. And your left holding Tarasenko's contract when he seems to be an injury problem the last few years.

Detroit - Flat out NO from a team who is rebuilding. Feel free to send Braun and a 3rd rounder to us for Future considerations, but we are not buying a 30+ defenseman on a one year contract when we could use those two picks for the future. We could easily sign Stall to a $2M or $3M deal and keep our picks. Just absolutely no reason for Detroit to make this move (UNLESS KEN HOLLAND WAS STILL GM)</div></div>

For St. Louis, it’s not about the value but more so about where it puts us competitively. Parayko is too important to us right now.