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A habs fan living in enemy territory
Forum: Armchair-GM2 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>i agree

however if we're moving Danault i'd keep either Domi or Suzuki at Center .
myself i'd keep Domi there if he and Drouin establish chemistry like they did game 1
Suzuki if we plan on keeping Domi at Wing i think he makes more sense at 3rd Center

by then KK/Domi , Poehling/Drouin should be able to handle 3000/5000 faceoffs we average
Have Suzuki /Weal handle 1000-1200 between them and 800-1000 for Evans to handle which im confident he can

it can most deffinately work but for it to happen Tatar has to go as well because we'll need to put more importance on Domi and Drouin on LW .
i like the idea of Lehkonen on 3rd LW helping Suzuki and Weal personally over Tatar . Byron on 4th LW playing with Evans and Armia

Caufield i keep in NCAA for 2 years to develop with Alex Turcotte as it just has so much upside to his development under coach Tony Granato and you dont want to mess with that as last 1st rounder we pulled out of the NCAA after 1 year was Louis Leblanc who went to Junior and so began his Concussion issues . Small guys like that in the NCAA are given time to pack on muscle and learn positioning to take minimal impact on hits . (junior is alot more physical by comparison and has long road trips and few breaks unlike NCAA who schedule road trips around long weekends and vacations )

But all in all we're built like a brick ****house and running on almost all players under 25</div></div>

why not have KK-Suzuki-Poehling Evans down the middle? Domi, Caufield, Gallaghar and Drouin as wingers. Though I wouldn't mind Lehkonen in the top 6 either. Weal is massively underrated imo. He's too good for the 4th line, but him, cousins and Evans on the 4th line, makes that line lowkey dangerous.
Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 11:53 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>i'd play Poehling at wing if we're re-signing Danault
Otherwise id leave him in the AHL and bring him up next year when Danaults in his final year of contract
Danault,Kotkanemi , Suzuki and Evans could work out until then .
if Poehling stands out as a Center ready for more responsibility we'll trade Danault as a UFA

Either way Suzuki leads our youth prospects in points so far
Poehlings behind him currently development wise
Suzuki played in a league designed to prepare you for the NHL's scheduling
NCAA plays a 52 game season with around robin playoff so it in no way prepares you for the
NHL's long road trips or long playoffs .

i woulda thought Poehling over Suzuki but besides his injury he looked to struggle outside special teams
i think the 40 pounds of muscle he put on has to be leaned out and he finds a balance between Size/Speed
plus he needs to play a full 82 game season and a real playoff format atleast 1 year before coming up
KK and NS were in leagues that prepared them for this. Suzuki put on 9 pounds of Muscle and increased his speed
at 5'11 202 pounds he is now built like an NHL Center and like Danault still has room to grow yet .

i knew Suzuki would standout but i was sure Poehling would push him to wing
i was wrong</div></div>

i think it be best for us to trade danault before he hits free agency. or maybe a sign and trade. he can fetch a good return. if we do trade him. id play KK -Poehling-Evans down the middle
Suzuki, Cauflied, Gallaghar and Domi are the wingers for the top 6. idk what happens with Drouin. he needs to prove himself this year
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