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Why are you guys OK with keeping Drouin but Domi HAS to go? I am the polar opposite and the only reason to trading Domi that actually has merit to it, that I agree with also btw, is that he'd return a better player/package than Drouin if he were traded. That is it. Drouin is still the same player he was last year. 19 games did not change that for me this year and it shouldn't for you either. Maybe if he sustained it all year I'd change my mind but he didn't and had he been healthy all year, Domi would have had 70 points again himself as a result. Book it. So whats the problem?

Domi is a better player than Drouin in every single category and the fact that people bring up that he'll cost the Habs 1-1.5M in his next contract more than Drouin is laughable. He's more than 1-1.5M better than Drouin IMHO. Plus guess what? The Habs have the cap space for him!

It feels like:

Domi: 50 points after a 70 point season last year = P.O.S player that we need to trade ASAP.
Drouin: 15 points in 19 games after a disappointing 53 point season last year = Drouins been fixed, he's a great player now! Got keep him. Makes so much sense.........Much wow, very amaze!!! :rolleyes

I don't know if you have noticed but the french media is convincing fans that Domi needs to go and Drouin is just fine. I'm so against this. It literally the reason why this team never gets better......always looking to put language ahead of actual results.

Domi @ 7M is still better than Drouin @ 5.5M. I'll gladly die on this hill.</div></div>

im not a fan of trading either lol. but say they trade petry and tatar brings in a good young forward, then for sure i'd trade drouin or domi for help at right D.
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