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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drewjenks</b></div><div>I don't think Drouin has more potential than Nylander at this point (he's older and hasn't peaked as high as Nylander yet).

<strong>And I feel very strongly about this next part lol:</strong> Nylander was not horrible last year. He had a horrible start but then then played fine / pretty good.

- 3 points in his first 20 games (0.15 PPG) and looked super out of shape.
- 24 points in his last 34 games (0.71 PPG) a 58 point pace (per 82 games).
- 5.4% shooting % for the season (his previous career average was 11.1%).
- He was getting quality scoring chances (but missed like 18 of 20 breakaways).
- A shooting % near his career average would've put him on a 60 point pace (still his fault though)
- He spent the majority of the season without Matthews on his line (for the first time).
- He played close to 25 games at 3rd line center (and showed a solid 200 foot game).

<strong>His whole season was just a worst case scenario:</strong>

- The media was against him before he played his first game (due to the holdout).
- He was clearly a step behind at the start, which became the Leafs dominant story-line.
- Then the story and all of his interviews turned into " your getting chances - why can't he score?"
- So his stick turned into a tree trunk for the rest of the season.
- He made 1 bad mistake in the playoff's, which was all over the media.

In my opinion ... in the 2nd half he looked like a guy ready for 70-80 points on Matthews wing (but he played 15 minutes a night with Brown / Marleau instead ).</div></div>

you can state all the stats you want bud, but at the end of the day, he pretty crap. he had no major injury that he was coming off of. he had no excuse to not be a ppg guy. he was given every opportunity to do so. he was also given the opportunity to play center for a few games. he never seized it. i wouldn't make that trade regardless
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