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Forum: NHLJul 6 at 7:24
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rangersandislesfan</b></div><div>Just to build up rivalries? Even if that's what you think makes sense, it doesn't work for the Isles. First, Tavares is a Leaf and there's no changing that right now. We need to just move on. I remember last year when we gave up McAdam for Matt Martin, helping out Toronto's cap situation but also bringing back one of our key players from a few years before. I think the Martin trade worked out well for us. He's a 4th liner but a really key 4th liner for the Islanders. And some people thought, "Why do that? It helps out the Islanders but why also help out Toronto at the same time after they signed JT?" And people were kidding about Lamoriello, but they still joked that he was secretly working for the Leafs and went to the Islanders to help out the Leafs, not signing Tavares and then helping out Toronto's cap situation. JT made that decision and the Islanders tried to sign him, but after that it was done. He was a Toronto Maple Leaf. The Islanders moved on, which, in my opinion, was a good idea. Forget about Tavares leaving, move on and do what's best for the team.

But let's just say if ... IF the Islanders decide they want to get Toronto back, how? If they take Marner they're giving up 4 1sts. It's basically JT+4 1sts for Marner. Toronto "wins" that "trade". So, if that's their only reason, then why do it? Toronto got Tavares and we got nothing. Marner is a totally different situation as he is an RFA. The evil thing for the Islanders to do would be stealing Matthews from the Leafs in 2024. I think he'll re-sign in Toronto but it's too hard to predict 5 years from now. If Matthews leaves, i wouldn't be shocked if he goes to Arizona. Usually it would be a Coyote leaving for Toronto because that's where he always wanted to play, but what about a Leafs player leaving and going to the Coyotes, the team he used to cheer for? :tearsofjoy</div></div>

Well one could say that losing JT gave you cap space in return. :tearsofjoy

An offer sheet on Marner would significantly harm the Leafs. Today is a great day for it but what Kawhi know?