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Thread: 5 Questions
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Brian2016</b></div><div>1. What are Doug Armstrong's options now that Tarasenko is probably out for the rest of the regular season? Is there a trade he can make to augment the Blues scoring? Are the Blues still a playoff team w/o one of their best players?

2. Are the Sabres, Coyotes, Oilers, and Canucks for real this season? Which of these 4 teams make the playoffs?

3. What should the Leafs do to sure up their struggling Defense? A trade? A lineup shuffle? A coaching change? All 3?

4. Even with Malkin set to return to the Pens lineup is Pittsburgh deep enough to make the playoffs again this season? If not, what can or should Rutherford do to make them a real contender in the Metro?

5. Which player is the biggest surprise and which player has been the biggest disappointment so far this season?</div></div>

1. The Blues have some good depth on right wing, so it would make sense to give the opportunity to the guys they already have instead of hastily trying to move assets. They're still a playoff team, but the rest of the team will need to help put up the 60 points that Tarasenko guaranteed for them.

2. I think Buffalo, Arizona and Vancouver are serious. Oilers will probably drop off and we won't have to hear from their obnoxious fans anymore.

3. One of the forwards is probably getting moved for a defenseman. It won't be Matthews, Marner or Nylander though.

4. Penguins are fine.

5. Good - James Neal, I don't think anyone really expected him to get 10 goals in the first month of the season. Bad - going to say Bobrovsky like everyone else; not a great look in year one of your massive contract.
Forum: NHLOct 30 at 6:16
Thread: 5 Questions
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AndrewLadd</b></div><div>1. No ones really on the market who is as good as Tarasenko (I guess Hall, but the Blues can’t fit him in for next year, and I don’t think they have the assets to pull off a rental like that

2. Sabres, Yotes and Oilers make it. Can’t see the Canucks defense holding up long enough for them to make it. As for the other teams, I think they can do well enough from here on out to make the playoffs.

3. Leafs should not have traded for Barrie. He’s an offensive d, they need a defensive d. I think DeMelo would be a great fit for them, big, good defensively and cheap. I also think Babcock should get blasted into the sun and they should hire Sheldon Keefe.

4. Pens will not make the playoffs. They don’t have the supporting cast behind the big 4. Murray sucks, the defense outside of Letang sucks and their forward depth sucks.

5. Biggest surprise is John Carlson or Sergei Bobrovksy. Only thing is Bob is a surprise for all the wrong reasons.</div></div>

Canucks can really score goals. They're currently t-4th in goals per game and a lot of their offense is coming from secondary sources. But, I agree that their D needs to improve. I give the Yotes the edge b/c of their D and goaltending.

It's gonna be really tough for the Pens this season. Nobody realized just how good the Isles are (almost nobody). Carolina is on the rise from last regular season, and the Caps are still elite. Basically the Pens will need to finish 4th in the Metro and beat out 4 teams in the Atlantic. I just think FLA is gonna make it and BUF looks really strong.
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I voted yes because there is no way to argue that Boeser won't out perform this value, he will.

This deal is high for a bridge deal based on comparables, but we are seeing a massive change in the market place, so it's hard to argue it isn't fair.

My biggest criticism is that the Canucks aren't a great team, and gave up a 1st round pick to take on a salary that didn't allow them to go longer term. They would have been better served by keeping their first, saving salary space, and trying to get a 7 or 8 year deal rather than push this out for 3 years. They now need to re-sign Boeser a year after Petterson and the same year as Hughes. The deal is good, the strategy seems flawed.

The qualifying offer stuff is getting copied from the Meier deal, but players aren't gaining anything from it. Meier's QO is a number was 167% of his AAV, which is a big increase, and guarantees him a lot of leverage going into his next contract, so it was done so he would accept a lower AAV. These other deals, the bridge seems to be for about fair value, and the qualifying offers are less than 150% of the AAV, so I don't get the point? The players would be better off getting their money sooner in signing bonus, but instead they need to get underpaid in actual dollars for 2 years, and get all salary in year 3. The crappy part from the players point of view, is that it accomplishes nothing. All of these players would be arbitration eligible when their deals expire, and if they wanted to force a one year deal I don't see any way that these guys wouldn't get arbitration awards bigger than these qualifying offers they are building. Honestly, if any of them performs poorly enough that they wouldn't get that type of award, they many not even get qualified.
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