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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>earl08</b></div><div>This comment aged well!</div></div>

I can't tell if you are being sarcastic? I think it did age well.

A) They Traded young talent in Donato for Coyle.
B) Trochek is on the market - Also Coyle. Not a Top center, but a decent 2c and a great 3c. I am very glad they didn't sign any of the center's I mentioned.
C) Studnicka looks real good, Frederic not so much as a top 6, but he will be solid NHL'er, but they have Beecher coming too. Also Krejci is still on a 60pt+ pace.
D) I stand by this. Still don't think the Bruins are that old. Chara throws off their avg age. He is old, but McAvoy, Carlo, Pastrnak, Debrusk are all 23 or younger, Then the 27-32 year olds in Marchand, Krug, Coyle. Bjork is still pretty young 23 and having a much better year than his stats show.
E) This is still true. Bergeron and Krejci are a top 5-10 center combo - maybe higher.

I would still take Pastrnak over Draisaitl.
Bergeron in fact had 79pts in 65 games - so not falling off &amp; is PPG this year.
Yeah Draisaitl is a stud. so is pastrnak. Not sure 11 more points and 9 less goals is worth 2m more a year. Also has the benefit of playing with the best player in the world. I know Bergeron and Marchand are real good, but they aren't McDavid. I bet he would get a couple point bounce playing with McDavid.

Since I wrote this. None of the Boston center's have fallen off and Studnicka and Beecher are coming. Pastrnak is leading the league in goals.

Nevermind, I saw you liked the original post. I was afraid this was the same post I said Draisaitl would never be worth the contract - Whoops. That comment will not age well.
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