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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MG1986</b></div><div>It's easy to be a guy that's critical of his and his own team's performance. However, when you make the most on this team and appear to take half the game off, and show minimal effort on the back-heck, I'd have no problem trading you. That, of course, all refers to Auston Matthews. If you intend to make a deal involving him though, I think you can get a better deal trading him on his own, then with others, even though his cap hit might be a problem. In a past AGM, I proposed Auston Matthews for Ryan O'Reilly and Colton Parayko. Some people liked the deal, some people didn't :P but that's more of a deal I'm looking for. I do not think Columbus is the ideal fit, unless they were willing to take Matthews for Seth Jones, Josh Anderson and 1st rounder.</div></div>

You vastly undervalue players on other teams. Seth Jones - A 25 year old Stud of a dman on a great contract has more value than an often injured underachieving Center.

Since Matthews has entered the league he has exactly 17 more points than O'reilly. In that Time O'Reilly has Won a Selke, a Conn Smyth &amp; A CUP. He also finished top 11 in Selke in the three fulls seaons and will likely again this year.

17 points is not worth one of the top 10-15 dmen in the league. Parayko is about as valueable as Matthews especially when factoring in CAP Hits.

Matthews would draw 100% of the tough defensive matchups rather than Tavares

As for your CBJ Trade - I love leafs fans. They have all the superior players, yet that can't get out of the 1st round. Meanwhile Jones and co are making Tampa look like fools.

You are trying to get the best players from more successful teams for an underachieving player who can't win and is vastly overpaid. Stop treating him like he is anywhere near the player McDavid is. Matthews is less than a PPG for his career (.979) while McDavid is 1.33 ppg and although Draisaitl is a beast I think everyone can agree the Leafs have the advantage in offensive talent/help.
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