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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tkecanuck341</b></div><div>Iafallo is worth significantly more than a 3rd rounder. I don't think the Kings would trade him for a 1st rounder at this point, as they have no one else to fill in for him at 1LW.

Leddy is not worth a 2nd round pick. Per Arthur Staple (NYI sports journalist for <em>The Athletic</em>), he is worth a 3rd round pick. The Kings could mitigate that return by taking on a cap dump like Komarov, Clutterbuck, or Hickey. In that case, downgrade the pick going back to NY to a 6th/7th.

Both of these trades are bad for LA.

From recent interviews with Kings head scout Mark Yannetti, it's looking increasingly likely that LA will take Byfield over Stutzle with the #2OA.</div></div>

Out of curiosity, tke, is there a transcript or link of the Yannetti interview you're talking about? I don't remember seeing anything from him for at least a month or so.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MMXD</b></div><div>Byfield is such a stupid move considering the amount of high end centre specs they have</div></div>

I mean... that's quite the overstatement since it's never a stupid idea to take a franchise center... regardless of what prospects are already in the pipeline. Creates competition and makes for trade pieces later on when the organization makes their choices on who their players are going to be moving forward. That is if they don't find a spot for all of them, like Turcotte to the wing as tkecanuck341 suggests.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>newballcoach</b></div><div>I mean maybe they would. I just don't see the point for them. They're not contending, so why add a couple of veterans with high salaries? To help another team out? With cap space at a premium they'd be much smarter to put theirs up for bid. Make teams pony up with picks or young players to dump some contracts. It would be a missed opportunity IMO to just add these guys. I am not saying they're bad players, just that they don't really fit on the Kings.

You can't "find a way" to LTIR a guy. Either he's injured or he isn't. Unless Lamariello is using mob connections to take him out Tanya Harding style, you can't just pretend he's injured. Bailey is the one player you might actually get a return for.</div></div>

Kings fan chiming in here. We would love to have Leddy. Tobias Bjornfot and Mikey Anderson are going to be very good players, likely battling for the privilege to play with Drew Doughty until he retires. However, they're not ready for those kinds of minutes in the NHL just yet. Best case scenario for LA is to find a veteran LD capable of playing defensively responsible, big time minutes against opponents top line to let Drew stabilize after years of a carousel on his left side. The two years on Leddy's contract are ideal because after that one of the two prospects mentioned above will be ready to make the move up to the first pair after marinating on the 2nd/3rd pair.

Komarov is constantly added in because the Kings won't want to spend more than a 3rd rounder on bringing in someone that would be a luxury. In addition, the Kings have the cap space. I'd love to see them pull the trade w/o Komarov, but would take him if absolutely necessary.
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