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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hammerwise</b></div><div>I'll grant that its light, but not sure what the market for carter is. His injuries and slow down in production, is partly to the system and talent around him admittedly, but JVR is still in a down year on a 25g or 45-50 pt pace. Hes a nice piece for the next 3/4 years. But LA does need to shed salary, just not sure hes worth a huge return. JVR is a top 6 winger.

If the pick was a 2nd and no salary retained, is probably closer,

but again LA would probably prefer youth or prospects, just not sure the value in Carter is there, hes on pace for less than 40 pts and his more recent injuries and age are a concern.</div></div>

I'm not saying that Carter is going to get alot, my point was merely that wasnt paying the Kings enough to take JVRs contract. With retention, I'd probably expect just a 2nd round pick because there still is risk in taking on someone his age for 2 more years. But it's a 3C who's on pace for 22-24 goals (he's actually rebounded this year after that Achilles injury, and last night not withstanding has been durable this year) at just barely over $2.3mil. He could also move to the wing and play 2nd line minutes if needed, or in the event of a Nolan Patrick return. Offers nice depth to the Flyers lineup.

I'm not sure moving Carter is right for the Kings regardless. I'll take any picks we can get, but LA still has to ice an NHL team, and besides Vilardi, the prospects arent ready for the NHL yet. And he can be a good mentor to Gabe, Turcotte, JAD, Kupari, Akil Thomas, etc, who all are vying for the center positions on LA with a few capable of playing wing.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DocArin0</b></div><div>As someone on the east coast who does not get to see a ton of LA what is the sense of what LA fans want in exchange for those pieces? i had a hard time valuing them just due to lack of exposure to them</div></div>

Kings won't trade Cal. Period, hang up the phone.

I think the Kings are looking for a 2nd round pick and a B grade prospect for Martinez, if not a little more. Not sure they'll get quite that though. It will be interesting to see how teams compare him to Muzzin, who brought a 1st and 2 prospects. He's older, and not quite the scoring threat. But he's a massive shot-blocker, great in his own zone, and can quarterback a PP2 if needed. Great #4/#5 defenseman on a contending team.

Toffoli, as much as I'd like him to, won't get the Tatar return that you're looking at. The only player EXPECTED to get a 1st round pick this year at the TDL is Krieder. That being said, there's always an overpayment. If someone overpays on Toffoli, it'll just be a single 1st rounder. Actual worth is probably a reasonable 2nd round pick and a B+/A- prospect (meaning, Boston's 60th overall pick will need to come with closer to an A prospect, as opposed to a team like Calgary which isn't necessarily expected to be a world beater in the playoffs).

Iafallo is really hard to gauge since he's still relatively new to the league. Figuring out what he's worth is an interesting discussion. He's 26 so he's not exactly young, but he's been playing first line minutes his entire career. I'd argue he's worth a 2nd round pick and maybe a B-/C+ prospect. Maybe more if the team really likes him. I figure him as a phenomenal 3rd line guy on a really strong contending team. Think St. Louis or Washington. Not quite good enough to bounce someone more skilled than him down the lineup, but will drive the play and create a ton of secondary scoring in the bottom part of the lineup. However, I don't think the Kings are interested in dealing him unless someone blows them away with an offer. It's not quite a hang-up-the-phone type deal as Cal Peterson, but they won't be in the mood for listening, that's for sure.
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