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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PuckLuck_77</b></div><div>The Kings are at such a weird juncture, from a fan perspective. They want to compete now, and start playing meaningful games for their youngsters. But they've hardly given their youngsters the time of day in the NHL. If it wasn't for 'Rona protocols, most of them would still be playing in the AHL until at least after the trade deadline. Which makes it very difficult to say they should or could trade any of them. Heck, they've even got Byfield in the AHL despite the fact he's clearly ready for the NHL. He missed 40% of the season because of injury, and with an ELC that can still slide a year, management probably won't even think about giving him more than 9 games unless they make a run in the playoffs.

With the Kings attempting to move Vilardi to the wing in the minors, I don't see them moving him until they feel they get an idea what he can provide there. That's probably why there was so much pushback. In addition, you won't get both of those players. But Lemieux and a 2nd is probably selling Sanheim short. Kings won't trade a 1st round pick, but I could see a more high-ceiling prospect/player going back instead of Lemieux. But if that's the guy you want, then I would be more than okay as a Kings fan. I like what Lemmy's brought and have been real surprised by his goal scoring, but I'm not gonna blind myself by what's likely a statistical anomaly of a season in his contract year.</div></div>

What have you seen from Lemieux that makes you think he can't do what he's doing statistically every year? I would think he can provide 15 to 20 goals a year while being a pain to play against night in and night out. He appears to be nowhere near the talent of his father but he still brings those other intangibles that a sleep walking Flyers team could use. Sanheim in this equation is being dealt likely for 2 2nd rounders. Is it short? It may be just right. If Sanheim was a RD we'd be having a totally different conversation on return and he likely isn't even available.
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