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Forum: Armchair-GMSep. 3 at 8:56 a.m.
Well I took the time to read your post and think about the trades as you wanted.,,

WPG-CHI: Winnipeg ends up with the higher pick... they aren't 'paying' Chicago for their cap space. Silly.

WPG-BOS: I like this one. Boston gets experienced depth firepower and it's especially good if Debrusk still wants out. But really Winnipeg shouldn't be getting a pick here. I know there's retention, but you're already getting two young players for Wheeler. Vesalainen and the picks don't really do much IMO.

WPG-EDM: In theory it has potential to be good, but if Klefbom is out all season, trading a 2nd rounder just to get rid of Foegele is expensive. I am a Foegele fan but it's a bit of a stretch.

WPG-VAN: First off, Dermott just got to Vancouver for his 'opportunity' so I doubt Vancouver is looking to flip him. Myers has a 10-team NTC and while I don't proclaim to know the 10 teams, it would not be a far-fetched idea to believe the team that let him walk to Free Agency would be on it. And I can't see Vancouver giving up that much as well.

WPG-MTL: Dubois going to Montreal is a cute thought.

I like the post but I do have a question... Do you think this team is good enough to be a contender?

Connor-Schiefele-Ehlers is no doubt a great 1st line but Dvorak/Debrusk - Dach - Perfetti as the second line? That's a pretty big gamble. The bottom-6 look just okay and while the top-4 is only adequate, that Dillon-Dermott pairing could be a nightmare given the unknowns. At least Hellebuyck is no concern!

What do you think?
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