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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>Thing you gotta remember about the penguins is that that team still made the playoffs every year. The thing that tilted things back in their favor is the players they drafted in between cups. They started to focus on players most people didn’t care about: the college players who were great skaters and hard workers. All that speed was injected into those 2016 and 2017 teams and they were explosive. The comparable between Kane/toews and Crosby/malkin, on the other hand, is kind of apples and oranges. Crosby and malkin are two of the game’s best offensive talents. Kane of course is, but toews, not as much. Crosby and Gino really willed some of those teams to the playoffs at times. Toews and Kane can’t really do that.

The rangers have really taken great strides this season. I still think their rebuild is over and believe next season they will be a playoff team.</div></div>

My comparison with the Penguins was more about them being a Cup contender that didn't blow it up for a rebuild and not a comparison of Crosby/Malkin versus Toews/Kane. While the Penguins did make the playoffs, there were 3 first round exits in those 6 seasons in between Cups for them. Instead of trading away Crosby and/or Malkin, they held onto their core and retooled. They did fire their GM and coaches, which is worth noting. My thought is bring in a new GM/coach and retool with Toews/Kane. Saad is good but I'd be willing to listen on offers, Seabs is a Blackhawk as long as he wants to be because of that contract if there's no CBO.
Blowing it up in a rebuild comes with the high risk of needing to nail the prospects and picks. Not every top draft pick becomes a top 5 scorer or Norris trophy winner.
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