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Jun. 15, 2020
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Forum: Trade Machine Proposals22 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Knuckl3s</b></div><div>Yeah, the return for Minny looks real suspect to me too</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>EccE</b></div><div>That's not enough for Minnesota, tbh. We are getting two prospects far from sure things while giving away a 30-goal scorer.</div></div>

I am trying to imagine the conversation with Guerin if this trade were proposed right now... Probably something like this...

Treliving: Pierre - this is never gonna work...
Dorion: Shut up Brad... It'll be fine... Guerin is new at this.....
Treliving: ... Ok... But I don't think...
Dorion: .... Its ringing.... Shut up!....
--- ring --- ring ----
Guerin: Hello?
Dorion: Hi Billy, I've got Brad from Calgary on the line and we have a deal for you...
Guerin: I'm listening
Dorion: Brad is going to move Valimaki and Monahan. I am looking to move Brannstrom. We're looking to get Fiala involved...
Guerin: I'm not sure there's enough to work with here...
Treliving: Well there would be retained salary and a third rounder involved...
Guerin: Ok... So.. I get Monahan at 50% salary for Fiala, Pierre gets Vali and a 3rd for Bran..., Brad ends up with Fiala and Bran...
Guerin: Seems like two separate trades... Why is Pierre on the line? Am I missing something...?
Dorion: ..... Um..... Yeah... No..... Ah.... That's not exactly what we had in mind.... You would be giving up the third rounder...
Guerin: .... Hmmm... Fiala and a third for Monahan is steep... Even if Monahan is at 50%....
Treliving: .... Well this is awkward... See Pierre... I told you... This won't work
Dorion: ... Shut up Brad....
Guerin: What is awkward? What won't work?
Dorion: You're right Billy... Brad gets Fiala.... but I would be getting Monahan and your third... Monahan is at full price though.
Guerin: And I get two injured d-men that have played 10 games total this year for half price? I don't think so...
Treliving: Vali isn't injured. He's just been a healthy scratch for 14 of 22 games this season. So, no he's not hurt. He's just not good enough to make the lineup...
Dorion: Brad you are not helping....
Guerin: .... (rolls eyes)...Even better... Sorry guys... Even if you're willing to retain max salary on both players, I'm out on this one...
Treliving: Should we even tell him?
Dorion: No... Just hang up...
Guerin: What? Tell me what?
Treliving: We... ah... sort of thought... ah.... maybe that... um.... You would be the one retaining salary... you know... on Fiala....
--- click ----
Dorion: I think he hung up...
Treliving: I told you he wouldn't do it. What the hell is that noise? Do you hear that?
Dorion: I hear it too... No idea what it is... Sounds like it is coming from outside...
--- The sound of Guerin's thunderous laughter echoes across Canada from Calgary all the way to Ottawa ---
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Penguins_Legend_Sheary</b></div><div>Thanks for the feedback. So just to confirm, you don't believe Strome's struggles are due to his weak effort and attitude?</div></div>

So it's the chicken and egg to most, but there really is a start imo. As someone who has followed this saga through it all...I believe it starts is with management. He's a center. He came to the Hawks and scored 51 points in 58 games...as a center. The reason Stan traded for him was because the Hawks were short center depth. So Schmaltz for Strome looked good. THEN we win the lottery and get Dach. That's no one's fault. In fact a good thing! We can debate until the cows come home about Dach vs Byram. Let's just leave that be for now. NOW the Hawks deepest positions are center and LD. So, they try Strome at wing. He struggled. He never played wing. Then he gets injured at wing and sits. He TECHNICALLY still scored roughly at the 51pt in 58 game pace that bubble year...when he was a center, but management still said no. Even this spring training. Jeremy Coliton and Stan sent him down to the prospects side of scrimmages vs the Pros when he played center. They never once let him attempt to be a #2C. It was Tyler Johnson and Toews. Strome is NOT a 2-way center. That's not a slight. It's just knowing who you are. He's a Power Play offensive dynamic player. It's ironicly exactly what the Hawks lack right now, BUT YET AGAIN. He can't even get ice time. It's actually quite embarrassing.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>The_Rocket</b></div><div>Okay I looked it up. Evolving-Hockey had him in the 74th percentile last year for forwards. Meaning 1/4 of the forwards in the league were better than him based on their GAr/xGAR rankings.

Fiala’s 0.8 ppg last year ranked him 69th (nice) in the league amongst forwards. He would have been 4th amongst Canucks forwards in points per game. This is really good 2nd line level production by a really good 2nd line level player.

At BEST he is a border line 1st line forward but at this point it’s just semantics</div></div>


TOI/GP (5v5)
Fiala: 12:26
Boeser: 14:00

Fiala: 0.94
Boeser: 0.72

Fiala: 2.23
Boeser: 1.93

Fiala: 17.8
Boeser: 6.3

Fiala: 3.2
Boeser: 1.1

Fiala: 6
Boeser: 2.1

Fiala: 0.34
Boeser: 0.33

Fiala: 0.81
Boeser: 0.78

Most Common Linemates
Fiala: Parise, Koivu, Johansson, Hartman, Bonino, Gaudreau, Hartman
Boeser: Pettersson, Miller, Hoglander

Since 2019-20, Fiala has the same output as Boeser despite less time, which means he scores at a higher rate. He drives play better and creates better offensive opportunities for himself and his linemates. He has a more positive impact on the game and contributes more to team success. He does all of this despite having significantly worse linemates.

The two teams have had similar PP% during that time, and Fiala and Boeser produce similar output (total points) on the PP as well, despite the fact that Boeser has averaged 1:03 more on the PP per game during that time. That means he gets 38% more PP time than Fiala does, and produces the same number of points on an equally competent power play.

This has been really fun, let's do it again some time.