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Forum: Site DiscussionOct. 12, 2020 at 12:05 a.m.
Hello forum passerby!

Potentially, like me, you have spent hours on this website. Split time, or especially at peak times of the year such as now - free agency.
We all have our opinions. We all love to talk about our opinions.
CF has the tremendous ability to allow us to envision what we think needs to be done to a roster, and then discuss the findings - whether it be in the forums or on an armchair thread.

I have always had the desire to go further in discussion. Have a conversation among a group based on our findings. Really, get closer with this community beyond a "post/reply" format. No knack on what format exists currently - it is great. But despite my time here, very few people can I say I've conversed with. It comes down to whatever is posted on that thread, and we reply.

I think discord is an amazing platform, and it's also widely used now. If you are reading this, you already are probably aware of what the platform is, so I won't explain it. However, if you can sense where I am going with this.... I think the community is of a size where we can support an active and functional discord server pertaining to this community. The pros: The community gets closer, people can chat with each other live on a variety of topics, spread the active news and "make sense of" real life moves in real time based on whatever armchair thread or otherwise is created.

As such, the goal of this thread is:
a) To see if there's a base sense of interest for a discord.

and, more importantly,

b) to find a system that complies with the rules - especially for advertising external source. As such, it does not really matter who manages or controls this proposed server. The goal is to find something that CF supports and can get behind that brings a positive light to the community - not a negative one. Thus, the guidelines can be as simple as basic approval to run and talk about this server, or the management/mod team of CF running it themselves.

I hope this takes off and we can find a solution that works, it's a unique idea for sure. Might not be the direction the CF management team wants to go, but the worst that can be said is "no".

Note: I did experiment with this a long while back, when I was made aware of the base idea requiring approval by the administration. I have hesitated to make a formal post about this until now, but a mostly unpopulated server does exist. If approved, it won't take much time to be set up and spread through the community. Otherwise, this server can be closed down at an instant if that is what the CF team desires.

Thanks for reading and casting your opinions and ideas!