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Forum: Armchair-GMJun. 27, 2022 at 6:47 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Old_Snowman</b></div><div>Based on points alone, yes he does have more value than Gurianov. But when you factor in d zone brain farts Hronek tends to have, usually one a night. His value goes down to a 3rd line forward. I overall like Hronek but I think he's overvalued by Wings fans. Gurianov is a big winger who's good on the forecheck and can score. He was a big part of Dallas 2020 cup final run.

Jiricek will be a much better player than Hronek and a better 2nd pair Defenseman who's actually more like a 1st pair but he's have to overtake Seider on the top pair. If he did that'd be incredible for the Wings. Likely scenario is he'll be similar or slightly less than Seider on the right side. Still could be a top pair right D on most teams one day. Detroit would have Seider + Edvinsson as top pair. Walliner/Johansson + Jiricek on the 2nd pair. That's a hell of a future top 4. No room for Hronek and trading him for a forward is a good option. If Detroit could acquire Stankoven for Hronek I'd be thrilled but I doubt Dallas would let go.</div></div>

As a 2nd rounder, Hronek is playing above his potential. He is 14th in points in his draft class, only behind 5 other D the likes of which include McAvoy, Serg, Fox, and Chych. Fox is the only one of those listed who’s played less games than Hronek.

Hronek is for sure a defensive liability, I think that changes with a higher quality partner which he has yet to have. But he is for sure worth more than Gurianov. That is a lost trade 1 for 1 and not happening. Even if G was a center.

Jiricek will also not immediately play in the show.
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