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Thread: mtl draft
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Thread: wings 23-24
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>erh1991</b></div><div>1. Or larks enjoys playing at home, wants to save the team some $$ to win a cup in the future.
2. For sure, i agree. i set this up as 22-23 so i wasnt sure how to sign him prior
3. not sure how much more hronek returns. What were you thinking the return should be?
4. This would be a year after a new coach. Giving Stevie enough time to see what he needs.
5. i dont think so
6. Pasta is definitely more of a long shot
7. He would be a 2nd year pro at this point &amp; Ras looked like a for sure 3rd line center towards the end of last season, I agree a little high for a 4C but a former top 10 pick that steve might see some upside in
8. Yes. Does not impress the big man
9. We'll see how the D shakes out.</div></div>

1. I really hope he takes a home-team discount! He’s making below what he should make atm though and I just really see the change in agent in combination w/ his recent media comments (about the team sucking) as leading to a higher $ AAV. Term is spot on tho.
2. I figured that was the case! Stevie and Bert’s media comments have them shooting for an extension this summer, and unlikely but hopefully it’s not a 1 year extension.
3. I’d think a 1st round pick is in play. Teams pay a premium for top 4 D, Lindholm could be a comparable and Hronek is younger and put up more pts.
4. Yep! I’m essentially hoping that trade doesn’t come to fruition.
5. We’ll see how he performs. With a slightly improved team, it should be better than 3.31 GAA and .901 Sv%. However, those numbers don’t warrant 3x5.25M in my opinion.
6. Agreed, game for either tbh.
7. Doubtful the 8OA will play pro their first year but I guess we’ll see! Personally thought Ras played better on the Wing, but his big body is needed in front of the net which is easier at C. Him and Jost would be an interesting 3rd line.
8. 👍
9. True
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Thread: wings 23-24
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