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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Cardiac</b></div><div>Are the canes desperate though? If they were desperate wouldn’t they have paid to get patches? If they were desperate would they have let every UFA walk? This is more so just capitalizing on the knights woes. The knights had 3 players on pace for 30 goals last season and one is on Carolina. The knights had 6 players on pace for over 20 goals and 4 are still on the team. Carolina had 6 players on pace for over 20 goals. 2 are gone but the canes added patches who was on pace for 40 but is now injured and kase who was on pace for 20. Not to mention the canes can expect big years from necas and KK. This offensive core looks better even with the patches injury. The canes imo have 4 or 5 players who could score 30. Aho and svech who did it last year. Jarvis who was on pace for 20 as a rookie playing 4th line minutes. Necas had a down year last year that had him struggling with the effects of Covid and being in RBAs doghouse. He still put up 40 points When he was playing with competent players he was great. Turbo was on a similar G/60 pace as Jarvis and turbo is a pass first player. KK scored every single one of his goals at even strength. With the opening of the PP 2C with the trocheck departure, I expect at least 20 goals. Of the players projected to be in the canes top 6 now that patches is injured, the oldest is turbo who will be 28 and the rest will be 25 or younger. Jarvis will be 20, KK Aand svech will be 22, necas will be 23, and aho will be 25. If that doesn’t scream this team is still growing I don’t know what does. So the point I am trying to make, marchessault is a luxury to the canes, not a necessity.</div></div>

And you just proved why Vegas wouldn't make that move. They already moved two of their 6 so you propose they move a third? Players have more value to different teams depending on the situation and Marchessault is among the players Vegas refuses to move. They could have moved him and gotten a return but chose to dump Patches.