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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Cardiac</b></div><div>Because he was a leaf. When you think of Doug gilmour, you envision him in a leafs jersey. Gilmour was much more iconic for the leafs than Matthew’s has been. Not to mention he is in the HOF. At the moment, Matthew’s doesn’t crack the top 12. Not a slight or attack on matthews but rather just proof he hasn’t played long enough to warrant being in the top 12 for such a storied franchise. Look at Carey price for example. He is easily the best goalie of his generation. 7 years into his NHL career, he had cemented himself as the best goalie in the world. 7 years into his career would he be on the habs all time team? No. There is Roy and plante. He didn’t have enough time to establish himself as being better for the habs than those two. Matthew’s is similar where he is one of the best in the game but he hasn’t had enough time to establish himself in that top 12. The only 2 players I could see being in an all time team who are similar in age to Matthew’s is mcdavid and makar. Mcdavid because he is the best player of this generation and has had a single season under a 100 point pace. The oilers are also not an original 6 team. As for makar he is also not playing for an original 6 franchise. Give Matthew’s another season or two and he probably makes this team but as of now, he hasn’t played long enough to warrant being over a hall of famer despite he is on a hall of fame pace.</div></div>

And even McDavid would be on a 3rd line because you can’t say he’s better than Messier yet
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