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Jun 23, 2020
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Forum: Trade Machine ProposalsJan 12 at 6:18
Forum: Trade Machine ProposalsJan 12 at 5:33
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Windjammer</b></div><div>The bottom line is, the Jets own Laine's rights for 3 more years and Chevy is patient. If someone wants Laine now, they will have to pay what Chevy wants, or very close to it, or they will have to wait at least two years and hope Laine is still available.

It may upset some people and they will refuse to accept it, but the least likely outcome for now is Chevy panicking and trading Laine for far under market value or at any real discount. The most likely outcome is Laine plays this entire year with Winnipeg and trade talks are revisited next summer if necessary. You would definitely be in the minority as this wouldn't be a small loss for Winnipeg it would be a massive loss in value and team control. Dumba doesn't play the style of defense Winnipeg needs and has looked terrible after coming back from injury and Greenway ends up being Winnipeg's 6th best forward at the very most. When you are trading away a guaranteed first line winger on and team that is only 22, you don't trade him to round out your depth.</div></div>

Well I guess we disagree then. Dumba has "looked terrible" coming back from injury, well that won't be an issue going forward. You are also sleeping on Greenway since he is still a developing power forward and is only 22 or 23. As far as he is not the dman you need, I think most of the dman on Win are lefties except Pionk (I think) and I expect him to regain his form. As for "not a small loss", I disagree in the long run but whatever. If the reports of him sulking and the work ethic are true, I would see that as a huge red flag, I want Marner off my team for various reasons even though he is a great player because I want the team chemistry to be good.

"<strong>It may upset some people and they will refuse to accept it</strong>," I am not even sure what you mean by that since I am not saying do it...or really care one way or the other.

Well you are the Jets fan so I will leave the analysis to you, those are just my 2 cents. I hope you are right though because they are fun to watch.
Forum: Trade Machine ProposalsJan 12 at 4:35
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Windjammer</b></div><div>There is no fiasco and trading a high end player for a significant loss as proposed here is never a good idea.</div></div>

I don't think the trade talk is really helpful for the morale of the team, although I am just going by what I hear in Ottawa media so maybe you know more than I do. I may be in the minority, but I don't see this as a significant loss. They are addressing a need for a right handed puck moving dman who can play a lot of minutes. Yeah I know he has some issues but all dmen do and that is why I said depending on who he is paired with. I can just picture another power forward on that already big (not all of it) offence that can really skate for a big dude. If you have lines that are going to wear the defence down with the forecheck, it is going to make a difference.

Let's face it, Laine is gifted offensively, but he is far from a complete player and is not that hard to play against...although he has shown some improvement defensively...a bit. You are not going to get exactly what you expect in a trade when you are talking about someone who has already been portrayed (rightly or wrongly) as sometimes lazy and sulky when he is not on the top line.

Now before you get pissed off, remember I said "rightly or wrongly". Also if you are in the Peg, you have a better idea of the state of the team from the local media, but going by what I hear they need to do something but you may be right...or you may be looking at it with bias. This might make them a more complete team.

I will admit though that a lot of the trade ideas related to Laine are pretty dumb.