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Forum: NHL SigningsMay 25 at 12:09
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>The whole point of having a farm team is to find players capable of breaking into the NHL.
I think you have already admitted he never will.
It's kind of a point blank situation don't you think?

There are guys out there who are 22+ years old, been playing hockey for a long time. They don't need a false idea of a "team leader" what they need is their chance.
Maybe they make it, maybe they don't. But you already know this guy really isn't going to make it. So why waste the time. And that's always been the point that I made clear from post 1.

No one really cares about willing the AHL memorial cup. Honestly, that's not why NHL teams fund the AHL.
They fund them to find and develop players to help at the NHL level. It's a very old way to look at AHL teams as having older vets now a days. Most teams are realizing this and the average age of a AHL level player is dropping, much like it is in the NHL. The games getting faster, more skilled etc...
There is no point hanging on to 27 year old players who won't make it. The only reason to bring them back is your scouting department couldn't find anyone else to come in and get an opportunity.</div></div>

Im not only talking about leadership, the teams need to win. We need some garentied ahl performer like every year to make the playoff and give real experience. Not by losing but making young kids play that they will get better. Look a the top ahl pts player last year. Very few are rookies.
Forum: NHL SigningsMay 24 at 4:16
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>what an absolutely dumb comment on your part. Because you are hell bent on keeping older player that no one else "knows how things really work"
Just pure ignorance on your part.
The guy has been bouncing around between the ECHL and AHL for 7 years. If he was ever going to be a consistent NHL player he'd be there by now. Instead he might make it there if a ton of people get injured. Period. But you are hell bent on thinking that is a better choice than going after a potential young FA out of the NCAA or CHL or europe.
As if you need 27 year olds who have no real experience playing pro hockey and half the talent being the "mentor" to prospects.
It's a total waste of a roster space. There are more deserving people out there who could be given a chance. He's had his for 7 years. Time to step out the way.</div></div>
Honestly he was right, you absolutely need some veteran that can perform in the ahl. He will never comme in the Nhl for sure but he is a greaf exemple for the young guys and one of the best player in laval last year. The facts are that their is no more quality unsigned prospect and with the players we have under contract, we need to get 3-4 more players and even by doing that we will make some very low quality propect play like verbeek en waked. The best way to make our prospect progress in the ahl is by winning and juste young guys are not enough to win. Check every single ahl team, they all have some veteran ahl players.