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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>The_Ultimate_Pielord</b></div><div>Like the desire to acquire O'Reilly and the faith in Lehkonen. I do have some issues with this team though.
1. The good points about Lehkonen indicate he has a large amount of ACTUAL value, however his poor boxcar numbers will suppress his PERCEIVED value. Pierre Dorion, who believed the Sens were contenders after they lucked their way to a conference final, will be operating off of the latter. Hence, trading Lehkonen to OTT will not be a good call.
2. Riddler and Seinfeld are right that that's a nasty trade for BUF. O'Reilly's really good. That said, the Karlsson deal's an overpay given that he's a pending UFA. Add MTL's 2018 first and Byron to the Sabres trade and keep Lehkonen to fill the hole Byron leaves.
3. Get Bobby Ryan out of the top-six. He's a 4th liner who is monstrously overpaid.
4. Plekanec probably costs $3 million, but he's a solid middle-six centre.
5. Dmen's effectiveness is significantly reduced when playing their off sides (For RHDs like Karlsson, the off side is LD) in most cases. Read: Trade for Klefbom instead.</div></div>

Thx for sharing you opinion on this post!! But I believe adding the third overall pick and byron plus pacioretty is a major over pay for O'reilly. Also ottawa would never accept the the trade with out lekhnonen, they will get many other better offers. Also I do believe Ryan COULD bounce back with a new team and become at least a 20 + goal scorer. So I would give him a chance on the second line before finishing him up on the fourth line.