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1. Toronto Maple Leafs 115pts
2. Florida Panthers 105pts
3. Boston Bruins 102pts
4. Buffalo Sabres 98pts
5. Ottawa Senators 95pts
6. Tampa Bay Lightning 89pts
7. Detroit Red Wings 87pts
8. Montreal Canadiens 76pts

Personally, I think this is Toronto's division to lose. I think the forward depth is the best its been and by deadline the blueline will be more addressed. If Morgan rielly plays they way he did in the playoffs he will be a top 10 Norris candidate. Florida i think keeps their playoff mojo. Montour isnt missing too much time and they did well adjusting their blue line. I think boston still has a top 5 d core in the league and goaltending is still elite but goal scoring will be down. I think Levi wins the Calder and Buffalo makes the playoffs with his performance. Ottawa I think competes well again but some naive losses keep them out of the playoffs. Lightning i think hurt the most with a deteriorated bottom 6. I think one major injury in the top 6/top4 takes them out of the playoffs. Wings are that team that will be stuck in mediocracy for years. Idk what Yzerman is doing here but this team isnt bad but definitely not good. Habs continue their rebuild in good fashion.


1. Carolina Hurricanes 118pts
2. New Jersey Devils 114pts
3. Pittsburgh Penguins 102pts
4. New York Rangers 100pts
5. New York Islanders 96pts
6. Washington Capitals 90pts
7. Columbus Blue Jackets 84pts
8. Philadelphia Flyers 70pts

Its a two man race for division title. I think Hurricanes have slight edge with defensive depth and not as much question marks around goaltending. NJ will be the most fun team to watch scoring the most goals in the league this year. Dubas reshapes pens and i think they bounce back well with some better bottom 6 play and more stability in the back end. I think rangers take a small step back as I am not as confidnet in their forward core as most are. Islanders are the more polished version of the wings. Stuck in mediocracy but they have some better pieces to play with. Capitals Are in that weird window where they want to stay competitive for Ovi but will struggle to do so. CBJ will be fun and improve in their own end but still need another season or 2 to compete. Flyers tank hard but not as bad as shown.


1. Colorado Avalanche 110pts
2. Dallas Stars 107pts
3. Minnesota Wild 100pts
4. Nashville Predators 93pts
5. St. Louis Blues 90pts
6. Arizona Coyotes 87pts
7. Winnipeg Jets 79pts
8. Chicago Blackhawks 65pts

Similarly with the Metro it really is a two horse race to the top. I back Colorado to win the division as I back the their stars more. Dallas however i see being more of the darkhorse to win the cup with their depth all around the squad. Minnesota reminds me of Boston where they just need to add that player down the middle. Or they bank on Rossi being that player. Nashville is a team where i think their young guys start to take over the squad in the Ozone while the vets they brought in help them adjust to NHL play. St. Louis is in weird spot. Not bad but just missing some elite level talent to compete with the rest of the division. Arizona i think are better than seem and take massive steps in the right direction. Winnipeg I think ends up rebuilding moving on from Scheifele and Hellenbuyck at deadline. Blackhawks go tanking. Bedard has strong rookie campaign and the veterans they brought in are there so they dont lose games badly but they still do not win alot.


1. Edmonton Oilers 113pts
2. Vegas Golden Knights 110pts
3. Los Angelas Kings 104pts
4. Calgary Flames 99pts
5. Seattle Kraken 96pts
6. Vancouver Canucks 88pts
7. Anaheim Ducks 68pts
8. San Jose Sharks 54pts

Mcdavid and the Oilers win division in strong fashion. Vegas comes up close but some fatigue from deep run, injuries hold them back. LA finishes 3rd. However if they address the goaltending (Hellnbuyck/hart) well before deadline i think this team wins the division. But thats a big IF. I think Calgary bounces back. I think their D core is fantastic and forward core is still competitive to make the playoffs. Seattle I think are a bit overrated. They play a strong game but i think teams are going to start figuring out how to handle them. They take a step back. Vancouver tries to take a step forward but with the back end still leaky they miss out still. Ducks continue to rebuild but i think it might cost them. Zegras is getting impatient and believe a trade request is done. Sharks go full blown tank and end up with best chance for first overall.

<strong>Round 1: </strong>

Toronto vs. New York Rangers:
Game 1: Toronto 4 Rangers 2
Game 2: Toronto 3 Rangers 2 OT (Matthews Winner)
Game 3: Rangers 6 Toronto 3
Game 4: Toronto 2 Rangers 1
Game 5: Toronto 4 Rangers 2
<em>Leafs in 5</em>

Florida Vs. Boston
Game 1: Florida 4 Boston 2
Game 2: Boston 5 Florida 3
Game 3: Florida 4 Boston 1
Game 4: Florida 5 Boston 1
Game 5: Boston 4 Florida 2
Game 6: Boston 3 Florida 2 OT (McAvoy Winner)
Game 7: Boston 4 Florida 3 OT (Zacha Winner)
<em>Bruins in 7</em>

Carolina Vs Buffalo
Game 1: Carolina 5 Buffalo 0
Game 2: Carolina 5 Buffalo 2
Game 3: Buffalo 3 Carolina 1
Game 4: Buffalo 2 Carolina 1
Game 5: Carolina 5 Buffalo 3
Game 6: Carolina 7 Buffalo 2
<em>Hurricanes in 6</em>

New Jersey Vs Pittsburgh:
Game 1: NJ 4 Pittsburgh 2
Game 2: NJ 5 Pittsburgh 3
Game 3: NJ 4 Pittsburgh 1
Game 4: Pittsburgh 4 NJ 3
Game 5: NJ 6 Pittsburgh 3
<em>Devils in 5</em>

Colorado Vs Calgary:
Game 1: Colorado 6 Calgary 2
Game 2: Calgary 3 Colorado 2 OT (Weegar winner)
Game 3: Colorado 2 Calgary 1 OT (Mackinnon winner)
Game 4: Calgary 4 Colorado 2
Game 5: Colorado 7 Calgary 4
Game 6: Colorado 4 Calgary 1
<em>Avs in 6</em>

Dallas Vs Minnesota:
Game 1: Minnesota 4 Dallas 2
Game 2: Minnesota 3 Dallas 0
Game 3: Dallas 5 Minnesota 4 OT (Benn Winner)
Game 4: Dallas 6 Minnesota 5 OT (Heiskanen Winner)
Game 5: Minnesota 3 Dallas 2
Game 6: Dallas 2 Minnesota 0
Game 7: Dallas 4 Minnesota 2
<em>Stars in 7</em>

Edmonton Vs Seattle:
Game 1: Edmonton 4 Seattle 3
Game 2: Edmonton 6 Seattle 2
Game 3: Edmonton 7 Seattle 3
Game 4: Seattle 4 Edmonton 3
Game 5: Edmonton 5 Seattle 3
<em>Oilers in 5</em>

Vegas Vs Los Angelas
Game 1: Vegas 4 LA 3
Game 2: Vegas 6 LA 4
Game 3: LA 2 Vegas 1
Game 4: LA 5 Vegas 3
Game 5: LA 6 Vegas 5
Game 6: Vegas 3 LA 2 OT (Eichel winner)
Game 7: Vegas 4 LA 3
<em>Golden Knights in 7 </em>

<strong>Round 2:</strong>

Toronto Vs Boston:
Game 1: Toronto 3 Boston 1
Game 2: Boston 4 Toronto 3 OT (Marchand winner)
Game 3: Toronto 5 Boston 4 OT (Nylander winner)
Game 4: Toronto 2 Boston 1
Game 5: Boston 4 Toronto 2
Game 6: Boston 5 Toronto 2
Game 7: Toronto 5 Boston 4
<em>Leafs in 7</em>

Carolina Vs New Jersey:
Game 1: Carolina 3 NJ 2
Game 2: Carolina 4 NJ 3
Game 3: Carolina 6 NJ 5 OT (Aho Winner)
Game 4: Carolina 3 NJ 0
<em>Hurricanes in 4</em>

Colorado Vs Dallas
Game 1: Dallas 3 Colorado 2
Game 2: Dallas 4 Colorado 3 OT (Johnston winner)
Game 3: Dallas 5 Colorado 0
Game 4: Colorado 4 Dallas 2
Game 5: Colorado 3 Dallas 2
Game 6: Dallas 2 Colorado 0
<em>Stars in 6</em>

Edmonton Vs. Vegas
Game 1: Edmonton 3 Vegas 1
Game 2: Vegas 5 Edmonton 2
Game 3: Vegas 4 Edmonton 3 OT (Roy winner)
Game 4: Vegas 5 Edmonton 2
Game 5: Vegas 7 Edmonton 6 OT (Eichel Winner)
<em>Golden Knights in 5</em>

<strong>Round 3:</strong>

Toronto Vs Carolina:
Game 1: Carolina 5 Toronto 1
Game 2: Toronto 4 Carolina 3
Game 3: Toronto 3 Carolina 2 OT (Domi Winner)
Game 4: Carolina 2 Toronto 1 OT (Necas Winner)
Game 5: Toronto 4 Carolina 3
Game 6: Carolina 6 Toronto 3
Game 7: Toronto 4 Carolina 1
<em>Leafs in 7</em>

Dallas Vs. Vegas
Game 1: Dallas 3 Vegas 2
Game 2: Vegas 5 Dallas 1
Game 3: Vegas 4 Dallas 0
Game 4: Dallas 6 Vegas 4
Game 5: Dallas 4 Vegas 2
Game 6: Vegas 5 Dallas 4
Game 7: Vegas 6 Dallas 3
<em>Golden Knights in 7</em>

<strong>Stanley Cup Finals</strong>

Toronto Vs Vegas
Game 1: Toronto 3 Vegas 2 OT (Rielly Winner)
Game 2: Vegas 5 Toronto 1
Game 3: Vegas 4 Toronto 1
Game 4: Toronto 2 Vegas 1
Game 5: Toronto 5 Vegas 3
Game 6: Vegas 3 Toronto 2 OT (Theodore Winner)
Game 7:
1st Period:
1-0 TML Matthews (Rielly, Knies)
2-0 TML Tavares (Nylander, Marner)
2-1 TML Eichel (Stephenson, Pietrangelo)
2nd: Period:
2-2 Eichel (Stone, Marchessault)
3-2 VGK Roy (Amadio, Martinez)
4-2 VGK Barabeshev (Stone, Eichel)
3rd Period:
4-3 VGK Marner (Matthews, Rielly)
4-4 Matthews (Marner, Tavares)
5-4 VGK Stone (Pietrangelo, McNabb)
5-5 Nylander (Matthews, Marner
10:50: Matthews (Nylander, Marner)

<em>LEAFS IN 7</em>

Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs
Conn Smythe: Matthews (Marner, Rielly)
Hart Memorial: Mcdavid (J. Hughes, Mackinnon)
Lady Byng: J. Hughes (Matthews, Mackinnon)
Vezina: Oettinger (Saros, Georgiev)
Calder: Levi (Bedard, Knies)
Art Ross: Mcdavid 140 (Draisaitl 127, Mackinnon 124)
Norris: Makar (Heiskanen, Dahlin)
Ted Lindsay: Mcdavid (Draisaitl, Mackinnon)
Jack Adams: BrindAmour (Keefe, Maurice)
Selke: Marner (Hischier, Stone)
Rocket: Matthews 62 (Pastrnak 60, Mcdavid 59)
GM Award: Treliving (Nill, Waddell)

Connor Bedard Watch: 32G 42A 74Pts

NHL Top 5 Draft Picks:
1. Winnipeg Jets - Macklin Celebrini
2. Montreal Canadiens - Cole Eiserman
3. San Jose Sharks - Aron Kiviharju
4. Chicago Blackhawks - Ivan Demidov
5. Anaheim Ducks - Sam Dickinson