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Thread: EKBLAD
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Your 100% right. The in thing is to hate on Darryl right now, which is hilarious because thats not even his part of his job, with the exception of Treliving obviously valuing his coaches input, which is standard everywhere except in Vancouver lol. Wranglers are doing well, but this rhetoric that Phillips is going to be a saviour because he is doing very well at the AHL level is beyod me. Don't get me wrong, he could be a good player, but he is not special to anyone else but us, he is part of a pretty standard group of players that dominate the level below....these people seem to be talking themselves into the idea that the AHL and NHL are a lateral move...may not say it word for word, but don't kid yourselves, they are slowly convincing themselves of this. It is too bad, because I am actually int he camp that they should give him a shot, but the unrealistic rhettoric that is starting to surround him, including fans pittibg player vs. coach, is not setting his debut this year up fro much success if there is one and doing more harm than good.

ALso, this we need a younger 4th line is again an argument that I can emapthize with, but then somewhere people started saying their opinion so much, that they started to believe their opinion was science. Or the idea that if you get rid of Daryll then all of the sudden Phillips would get a chance and be great when they don't realize the next coach and GM would be no different, then they can hate on that guy until he gets fired, and then we can keep doing this (does it sound familiar!?) haha. Listen, it takes a few years to fully fully grasp a coaches system, well, a year ad a bit to grasp it and another year to play freely within it. The point is its not a coincidence that the longest tenured coaches are generally the most successful, including the last 3 years. Helm, Cogliano as well were on thier 4th line and they looked good, and aren;t AHL call ups, and COlorado did okay with the older energy line and long tenured coach.
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