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Forum: Armchair-GMJul 5 at 9:11
1. I feel CHI needs to see what both Delia and Lankinen can do at the NHL level with a decent amount of starts between those two prospects. A goaltender used to tandems like Khudobin or even Markstrom (if he's willing to move on from Vancouver) would be my signing. I'm still, however, in favor of re-signing Crawford because he had experience being part of a tandem this past season with Lehner.

2. Keith has already started to descend his age curve, so I've been a fan of acquiring Brodin to replace him as the No. 1 defenseman. That acquisition would be dependent on Keith being subsequently traded or relegated to lesser minutes, which I don't see CHI having the balls to do that.

Despite his footspeed, I don't mind keeping Strome either; if I'm Bowman, I'd try signing him to a cheaper bridge with term and line up his contract expiration with Toews'. It'd be tumultuous having him and DeBrincat expire the same year, but it's a side-effect worth having to make sure you prioritize the younger players over veterans like Toews, Kane, Keith, etc.

3. I agree with Strome having room to grow. Strome's analytics have always been pretty nice considering some of the worries fans express about him. This past season pissed me off when Colliton started him out on the wing; Strome has to be in the center role to succeed and grow as a player.

4. I would keep Koekkoek 110% over Seeler. He's better in just about every manner, especially in an analytical sense. Mitchell is going to be extremely effective for CHI next season in whatever capacity, and Koekkoek isn't going to weigh him down like Seeler would.

On a side note, I saw that Seabrook is aiming to return for the play-in round against EDM; it's pretty evident he's not going to want to sit on LTIR for the duration of his contract. If I were the GM, I would just bite the bullet and buy him out. We're going to have a lot of ELC players on the back-end in the coming years, and I feel we would be able to eat it without having to throw away a 1st round pick+. CHI could bridge Dach and Boqvist out of the terrible third and fourth years of the buyout and skate into the low-impact years (2024 and on is a negligible $780k).
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Forum: NHLApr 27 at 3:35
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What’d you guys think?</div></div>

Pittsburgh runs a better powerplay, but Chicago runs a better penalty kill; special teams: wash.

The Penguin's group is faster, but Chicago has a better two-way presence throughout their lineup; 5-on-5 play: Chicago

Luck/huge moments are everything in a playoff series, and Pittsburgh managed to manufacture luck better than Chicago, which I've always related to the speed of their group; luck and bounces: Pittsburgh

But ultimately, Pittsburgh would win the series because of prime Fleury (watching more recent Vegas playoff series reminded me of that). Sometimes you just can't beat that; goaltending: Pittsburgh