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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>anduril</b></div><div>This scenario assumes Pietrangelo is off-the-market so you've got Barrie, Schultz, Vatanen, Hamonic, Tanev, Pysyk, Van Riemsdyk, and Ceci as some of the notable RHD available in free agency, two of which you've already tried. Knock yourself out. You are either looking at more money and/or a very different type of player than TOR needs. Larsson is a big body, who plays a hard game, and he can chew up 20 minutes a night. In Edmonton, he regularly plays the toughest minutes on the team and a clear majority of his TOI is defensive zone starts. Larsson and Khaira have both been on TOR's radar for awhile with rumoured returns of Kapanen, Johnsson, or Kerfoot +. Kapanen was just traded for a 1st and two additional players, including a good prospect. Expecting Larsson and Khaira to net a 1st is realistic, imo, and, if not from TOR, I'm sure there's a team in the NHL that would give up that asking price or, at the very least, two 2nds. Lesser dmen in the past year have regularly gone for a 2nd plus either another pick or a prospect.</div></div>

Or Toronto targets a better d-man on the trade market for the 1st rounder. They can offer a better package than what you've offered for Parayko easily. They could go after Brett Pesce or possibly Dougie Hamilton. There's Dylan Demelo in free agency. Bottom line is that there's much better ways to spend the 15th overall pick in a deep draft than a 3rd pairing d-man at best and a 4th line winger. It's an easy pass for Toronto. Not even considered.
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