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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>arafay</b></div><div>They get a good middle six winger (need) and a rd prospect with real potential if he can stay healthy

I could add a pick but they aren’t getting a lot more for puljujarvi. Perreault is worth a 3rd at least (while taking the jets’ cap issues into account and green is a good prospect</div></div>

This could not be a more incorrect assessment of Edmonton's needs.

A 31 year old 3rd liner making north of $4 mil with term has precious little value to Edmonton. All kinds of Perreault-like players available on the UFA market, although that really should be the way the Oilers go, anyway, since our biggest need is ELC or sub-million players who can perform at the NHL level

The Oilers greatest strength is in blueline prospects, so Green doesn't exactly move the needle, either.

Finally, Jesse's value is at an all-time low. Smart GMs do not move 21 year-old 4th overall picks at this time. His agent can pout, whine, threaten, and stomp his feet all he wants, but Holland doesn't have to give in (see Athanasiou, Andreas as a case study on how Holland handled a similar situation).

Now, even if it does come to that, there are a ton of other teams who can pony up more. For example, Carolina has been rumored to have offered Julie Gauthier, who absolutely fits the Oilers needs a whole pile better than this.

To summarize: an aging, 30 point winger to a cap-strapped team and an okay defensive prospect added to a plethora of defensive prospects does nothing at all for the Oilers.

Hardest of passes on this deal.
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